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I held the door open for an old Japanese man, and he said "Sank you!"

Being able to understand his heavy accent, I replied "You're welcome."
He laughs and says "No, you misunderstand, I am taunting you about Pearl Harbor."


A woman visits her husband in prison

Before leaving, she tells a correction officer:

"You shouldn't make my husband work like that. He's exhausted!"

The officer laughs, saying:

"Are you kidding? He just eats and sleeps and stays in his own cell!"

"Bullshit! He just told me he's been digging a tunnel for months!"


A blonde mom is cooking dinner when her blonde daughter walks in

The daughter asks, "Mom, why do people think we blondes are stupid?"

Her mother replies, "I'll show you", and taps hard on the kitchen counter.

Somewhat confused, the blonde daughter says, "Someone's at the door!".

The blonde mother laughs. "This is why people think we're stupid. Now watch over the stove for me while I answer the door."


The costume party (Sorry if this is a repost. Best joke I know.)

A man, lets call him jim, goes to his buddys costume party wearing nothing but a pair of pants.
Jim's friend walks over to him and says "hey, jim... uh what are you supposed to be?"
Jim smiles and says "well im a premature ejaculation."
His friend looks puzzled and asks "okay, well why arent you wearing any shoes... or a shirt?"
Jim laughs and says "I just came in my pants!"


What's the difference between your dick and a joke?

Nobody laughs at your jokes.


3 Women are at a bar. (Mildly nsfw)

and they are all bragging about the sizes of their vaginas. The first one says, "My pussy is soooooo big, my husband can stick his whole fist in it!" The second says, "Ha, is that all? My pussy is soooooo big, my husband can stick his whole foot in it!". The third one just laughs and slides down the stool.


An elderly man is stopped by the police at 1 A.M.

The officer asks where he's going at this time of night.

The man replies, "I'm going to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body."

The officer laughs and says, "Oh really? And who is giving that lecture at this time of night?"

The man replies, "My wife."


A man and his wife are having sex...

...when their ten year old son walks in on them. The son screams, "OH MY GOD!" and then runs out of the room. The father laughs and says to give the son a few minutes to calm down, and then he'll explain what was going on.

A few minutes later, the father walks into his sons room to find him having sex with his grandmother. The man screams, "OH MY GOD!"

"Yeah," his son says, "It's not so funny when it's your mother, is it?"


What's the difference between my dick and my jokes?

My girlfriend never laughs at my jokes


Three gay guys....

are at a bar and they get drunk. They start arguing about who has the biggest asshole. The first guy takes a baseball bat and shoves it up his ass. The second guy laughs and takes a bar stool and shoves it up there. The third guy just smiles, looks at both of them, and puts a quater in his ass. A jukebox starts to play.



3 guys are camping, and after a night of drinks & laughs around the fire, they climb into their tent and fall asleep side by side.

The next morning, the guy on the left wakes up smiling. "I had a dream I was getting jerked off all night by a supermodel!"

The guy on the right chimes in. "Me too, but it was my hot neighbour!"

The guy in the middle looks a bit dejected. "Lucky bastards. I just dreamed I was skiing."


Whats the difference between your jokes and your penis ?

...No one laughs at your jokes.


A trucker walks into a whore house...

A trucker walks into a whore house and walks over to speak to madam. The trucker says "I will give you $500 for your nastiest whore and a bologna sandwich." The madam, confused, replies "For $500 you could have our best whore and a steak dinner"...the trucker laughs a little and says "Oh, it's not about the money, ma'am, I just miss my wife."


When a cow laughs.....

does milk come out of her nose?


A little girl walks in on her mom going down on her dad...

"Mommy? what are you doing?" The girl asks. "Well.. um.. you know your dad's beer belly? I was letting some air out of it so it won't be so big." The little girl laughs. "Awww. Don't bother. The babysitter is just going to blow it right back up again!"


When blondes go to the cinema to watch a comedy, they always sit on the last row. Why?

He who laughs last, laughs better


So a son walks in on his parents...

A man and his wide are having sex when their ten year old son walks in on them. The son screams OH MY GOD and then runs out of the room. The father laughs and says to give the son a few minutes to calm down, and then he'll explain what was going on.

A few minutes later, the father walks into his sons room to fins him having sex with his grandmother. The man screams OH MY GOD! Yeah, his son says. It's not so funny when it's YOUR mother, is it?


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Joke from Les Bonnes Femmes

Man: Whats the difference between a frying pan and a chamber pot?
Woman: I don't know
Man: Then I would hate to eat your place!
Man laughs uncontrollably in a creepy way, perhaps foreshadowing the upcoming rape scene.


The salesman.

A man is walking alone down the street when he is approached by a salesman.

"Hello sir, would you like to buy this mouthwash for $200?"

The man laughs in the salesman's face and keeps walking. The salesman catches up to him and asks again, "ok, sir, how about I give a a better deal. This mouthwash for $100?"

The man says "fuck off" and pushes the salesman away and keeps walking. The salesman stops to think, and runs to catch up with the man again.

"Ok, I see why I may have upset you, and to show that I am sorry I will give you these cookies my wife made for my lunch."

The man takes a bite and says "EW this tastes like SHIT!"

The salesman says "IT IS! You wanna buy some mouthwash?"


A farmer was working in his field one morning.....

When a young lad walked by along the road carrying a roll of wire over his shoulder.

"What you got there sonny?" asks the farmer.

"Chicken wire." replies the boy.

"what ya gonna do with that chicken wire boy?" the farmer asks.

"Catch me some chickens sir." says the boy.

The farmer laughs at the boy.

Sure enough, however, during the evening, just as the farmer is finishing plowing his fields, he spots the boy in the distance with half a dozen chickens strung over his back.

The next morning, the farmer sees the boy walking by again. This time the boy is carrying a handful of grey objects.

"What ya got there sonny?" asks the farmer.

"Duct tape." replies the boy.

"What ya gonna do with that duct tape boy?" asks the farmer, "Catch your self some ducks?" he laughs.

"Sure am sir." the boy answers.

The farmer laughs again.

Sure enough however, the farmer spots the boy walking by in the evening with a string of ducks over his shoulder. He is amazed.

The next morning the farmer sees the boy again walking by. This time the kid is carrying a bundle of sticks.

"What ya carrying those sticks for sonny?" ask the farmer.

"These ain't just any old sticks sir," replies the boy, "This here is pussy willow."

"You wait right there son." says the farmer, "Let me go grab my hat."


Misquoted Intentions

Two friends, a black guy and a white guy, share an apartment. The white guy's watching TV when the black guy, obviously agitated, flops down on the couch.

Black Guy: Man, I wish I could get a girlfriend.

White Guy: Well, you know what Henry Ford said...

Black Guy: What!? That is so racist!

White Guy looks over confused: What? How is "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." racist?

Black Guy: Oh, damn, I thought you meant another quote.

White Guy: ...oh, that one.

Black Guy laughs: "You can have it in any color so long as it's black"!


Meet your newest employee. My salary shall be 5000 bucks.

(TKZS = a state-run commie collective farm.)

A man walks in the TKZS' boss office and says: "Meet your newest employee. My salary shall be 5000 bucks."

The boss laughs straight at his face: "Comrade, the average salary here is 150 bucks. I don't make 500. Why would I pay you 5000?"

β€žCuz I can talk to animals. Don't believe me? Let's walk around the farm.

They reach the cow, she says "Moo!" and boss asks cockily "What'd she say?"

β€žShe said she gives 30 litres of milk daily. She also says you and the mayor split 10 litres between you and book only 20. The boss looks a bit worried now and says β€žCome with me, I wanna show you the pigsty. They get there, the sow says β€žOink! and boss waits for our guy's answer.

β€žPiggy says she gave birth to 6 piglets, but you and the mayor got one each, and booked only 4.
TKZS boss sizes up our guy and then says β€žWelcome aboard, let's go sign the papers.
They make their way to the office building and while they pass the goat, the goat goes β€žMeeh!

Boss says β€žDon't listen to her. Me and the mayor were a bit drunk.


An elephant is walking through the jungle

and gets a thorn stuck in his foot. An ant, noticing that the elephant is in pain, says, "I'll pull that thorn out of your foot if you let me fuck you up the ass." The elephant laughs but agrees. The ant pulls the thorn out, and climbs up the elephant's hind leg and under his tail.

A monkey in a nearby tree witnesses this whole thing, and takes a coconut and throws it at the elephant, hitting him in the head. The elephant rears up on it's hind legs and lets out a huge roar.

The ant screams, "Take it all, bitch!"


My dad told me this earlier, I thought I should share it..

A man goes to his wife and asks 'What would you do if I won the lottery?'. She thinks for a minute before replying 'Well, I would take half and leave you.' The husband laughs and says 'Good, I just won $12, here's six bucks, now fuck off.'


An 80 year old man and his 25 year old pregnant wife are in hospital.

The old man's young wife manages to give birth to a healthy baby. After the birth, the midwife goes up to the old man in private and says, "I know this is none of my business, but how can someone as old as you manage to have a baby with someone who is as young as your wife is?" The old man laughs and says "You've just got to keep the engine running, if you know what I mean!"
A year later, the same couple are back in the hospital to have another baby. The same midwife delivers the baby, and again, she asks the same question, even more intrigued. Again, the man gives the same answer: "You've just got to keep the engine running."
The very next year, the couple again are back in hospital to have yet another baby. This time, the midwife says to the old man, "This time, I want a proper answer: how could someone as old as you have a baby with someone so young?" The old man says, "I keep on telling you: you've just got to keep the engine running!" The midwife replies, "Well, looks like you've forgotten to oil your engine." "What do you mean?" asks the old man.

"Your baby is black."


A guy walks into a bar...

A guy walks into a bar, sits down and orders a beer. As he is sitting there he catches sight of the guy sitting next to him and notices the man looks exactly like Adolf Hitler. The man ignores this at first and quietly drinks his beer.

After some time his curiosity gets the better of him, so he turns to the man and says, "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Hitler?"

To the guy's surprise, the man turns right to him and says in a thick German accent, "That is because I am Hitler."

The guy just laughs this off and takes another drink, but the stranger keeps his serious expression and says, "It is true, I am Hitler. The allies thought I killed myself, but I escaped and moved here to lie low."

The guy is understandably stunned, so putting his drink down he asks Hitler, "If it's true, and you're Hitler, then you're the most hated man alive--you killed six million Jews!"

"Well yes," says Hitler, "but nobody cares about the Jews anyway."

They argue for a while after that about whether anyone cares about the Jews, before Hitler finally says, "Tell you what. I'll prove to you right now that no one cares about the Jews. I will go around the world right now, round up six million more Jews, and kill every single one of them. Then I will find one clown, and I will kill him too."

Puzzled, the man asks, "Well what would you kill the clown for?"

Then Hitler points at him and says, "See? You didn't care about the Jews either!"


A frog walks into a bank...

...and walks up to the teller, Pat E. Black.

"I'd like to take out a loan"

Pat asks the frog, "What do you have for collateral?"

The frog reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small insignificant trinket. "This is all I have"

Pat laughs. "We can't take that."

The frog, furious, asks to see her supervisor.

The supervisor comes out from the break room, and Pat explains the situation. "It doesn't have any monetary value, so I denied him"

The supervisor rolls his eyes "Its a nic knack, Pat E Black. Give the frog a loan!"


A Man and An Octopus Walk Into a Bar...

A man an an Octopus walk into a bar. They sit down and the man orders a beer. A few minutes go by and the bar tender says "I gotta ask, what's the deal with the Octopus?". The man replies "Well, he plays instruments". The bar tender laughs, to which the customer replies, "I bet you a free tab that this guy can play any instrument you have in this bar". The bartender agrees.

First the bartender points to the Piano. The Octopus plays the Piano. The bartender then goes into the back and brings out a Guitar. The Octopus successfully plays the Guitar. Next he brings out a small Drum kit, which the Octopus also plays. The man says "Alright, I win". The bartender shakes his head and goes into the back again. He pulls out a Clarinet, the Octopus manages to squeak out and Ode to Joy but he's not going to win any awards for it. Finally, the bartender pulls out a set of Bagpipes and places it on the bar. The Octopus just stares at them.

The man says, "You mean to tell me you can play the Piano, Guitar, Drums, Clarinet, but you can't play the Bagpipes?". The Octopus replies, "Play it? Hell mister, if I can figure out how to get its pajamas off, I'm going to have sex with it!"


A man walks up to a bartender...

and he says, "I bet you $2,000 that I can sit on your bar stool, spin around and pee nto that shot glass on the other side of the bar.". The bartender says, "Okay, lets see it.". Then the man starts and he pees all over the bar without a single drop landing in the shot glass. The bartender just laughs and then the man pays him the $2,000. The bartender then asks why he took the bet if he knew he couldn't do it. The man replies "I bet the three guys over there that I could pee all over your bar and all you would do is laugh for $10,000."


Mothers Day Prank Suggestion

I played this simple and harmless joke on my mum a few years back and the family still laughs about it. Here you go:

Go to the local greenhouse or place that sells plants. Buy a really nice flower pot (empty) and a bag of potting soil. This is the key, while you are there snag one of the tags from a nice looking flower that has its name, picture and whatnot on it. Make sure its something exotic so she is excited about it. Then fill the empty pot with potting soil, stick the tag into the empty pot and put a nice bow on it. When you give it to her say something like "the lady at the greenhouse said this is a really beautiful plant when the bulb grows but be sure to water it daily, it should grow in like 3-5 weeks". Done. Mom thinks she go a nice gift and you get to watch her water a pot of dirt for at least a month until she decides to dig up the bulb thinking maybe she killed it... At this point I suggest you have an actual gift ready to give to her because I had to make an emergency trip to the greenhouse after being told: DONTCOMEHOMEWITHOUTAGODDAMFLOWERFORME!!!!! or something like that. Dad was still laughing when I got home, and afterwords mom even said it was a pretty good joke.


Three guys crash on an island with cannibals...

Three guys crash on an island with cannibals. The cannibals capture the three men and then tell them to go collect ten pieces of fruit and bring them back. So the three men each go out and collect ten pieces of fruit. The first guy comes back with ten apples. The cannibals say to him, "We lack entertainment here, so if you can stick all ten apples up your ass, without laughing, we will spare your life." So the man starts to stick the apples up his ass. He gets to three apples, and then laughs. So, the cannibals kill him and eat him. The second guy comes back with ten grapes. The cannibals offer him the same thing. So the man starts to stick the grapes up his ass. He gets all the way to eight and then laughs. So, the cannibals kill him and eat him as well. Up in heaven the first two guys meet up. The first guy says to the second one, "You were so close to finishing, what made you laugh?" The second guy replies, "I saw the other guy coming back. He was carrying pineapples."


Little johnny wakes up one night hearing noises from his parents bedroom...

He opens the door to his parents room and sees mom, handcuffed to the bed's headboard, dad ramming her from behind. Johnny screams. Dad turns to looks at him, laughs and gives mom a slap on the bum for good measure. Johnny runs away, screaming. Once dad has finished mom off, he uncuffs her. She immediately says, 'You better go tell Johnny everything is OK, the shit he just saw could scar him for life". Dad rolls his eyes and begrudgingly agrees. Pulls on his robe and heads for Johnny's room only to find it's empty. He then heads for the TV room but when he passes the guest room, he notices the door is ajar, noises coming from inside. He opens the door to look in and sees Granny on her hands and knees, little Johnny fucking her from behind. Dad screams. Johnny turns around looks at him and says "Yeah, not so funny when it's your mom huh?"


A blond, brunette, and redhead get in a car accident.

A blond, brunette, and redhead get in a car accident. They all die and go to heaven. At the gates of heaven, they are met by a man who tells them that there is very little room there. He says that he will tell them 100 jokes, each progressively funnier than the next. Whoever can listen to all of the jokes without laughing gets to go through, the others are sent straight to hell.

The redhead goes first. She laughs at joke 29, and gets sent to hell. Next, the brunette laughs at joke 53 and gets sent to hell. Now, the blonde is up. She gets to joke #99 and starts to crack up. The man says he will let her through, and asks her why she laughed so far into the test. She says, "I just got the first one."


Three men are walking in a large field.

Three men are walking in a large field, when they come across a horrid stench. Upon looking around, they find a small pile of dung. The first man states, "Thats some nasty bird poop." The second man laughs and says, "Nope, thats bunny poop." The third man looks at both men, and says, "Bullcrap."


A guy goes to the bar on his 21st birthday.

He says to the bartender, "I just turned twenty-one; give me a shot of bourbon!"
The bartender says, "Congratulations!" and pours him the shot. A prostitute approaches the man and says "You've just turned twenty-one huh? Ever been laid, boy?"
The man replies, "No ma'am. My momma always told me those things have teeth." The prostitute laughs and leads him upstairs to her room. She pulls down her skirt and laughs, "You see any teeth down there boy?" He says, "No ma'am; and with gums like those I can see why!"


Three guys meet in class after a superbowl sunday, still super hungover from the night before.

The first guy pipes up and says 'Fuck. i got so drunk last night I blew chunks.' The second guy cuts him off nearly immediately screaming 'oh yeah? I was so drunk I emptied my bank account at the strip club after. I have no money to pay rent now.' The third guy laughs at both of them and said 'that's nothing. I was so wasted last night, I sold my car to a homeless guy for 50 cents.' Finally the first guy cuts them both off. 'You guys don't understand.....Chunks is my girlfriends golden retriever.'


Who laughs the last?

The one who you have to explain the joke to.


A mad scientist walks into a bar..

..carrying 3 glass jars.

He puts the jars on the bar and says to the barman, "I have created life! Here, I have 3 jars, one containing Ice, one containing Water, and one containing Steam. They are all alive!".

The barman laughs and says, "ok, prove it then".

The mad scientist says, "They can't read, write or speak, yet, but they can understand jokes."

The barman, thinking this guy is a total nut job, plays along. "Alright then, let me tell them a joke!".

The barman tells a reasonably funny joke, and miraculously laughter can be heard coming from the ice and water jars.

"Oh my god!" Says the barman. "They are alive!"

"Yes, I told you, I have created life!" says the mad scientist.

"Ok" says the barman, "but why didn't the steam laugh? Did it not like my joke?"

"Oh" says the mad scientist, "that's not a laughing matter."


Tickle me Elmo

There is a factory in Northern Ireland which makes the Tickle Me Elmo toys.

The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms.

Well, Lena is hired at The Tickle Me Elmo factory and she reports for her first day promptly at 8:00 AM. The next day at 8:45 AM there is a knock at the Personnel Manager's door.

The Foreman throws open the door and begins to rant about the new employee.

He complains that she is incredibly slow and the whole line is backing up, putting the entire production line behind schedule.

The Personnel Manager decides he should see this for himself, so the 2 men march down to the factory floor.

When they get there the line is so backed up that there are Tickle Me Elmo's all over the factory floor and they're really beginning

to pile up.

At the end of the line stands Lena surrounded by mountains of Tickle Me Elmo's.

She has a roll of plush red fabric and a huge bag of small marbles.

The 2 men watch in amazement as she cuts a little piece of fabric, wraps it around two marbles and begins to carefully sew the

little package between Elmo's legs.

The Personnel Manager bursts into laughter.

After several minutes of hysterics he pulls himself together and approaches Lena.

"I'm sorry," he says to her, barely able to keep a straight face, "but I think you misunderstood the instructions I gave you


"Your job is to give Elmo two test tickles.


Lie Detector

A father buys a Lie Detector Robot that slaps you when you lie.
He decides to test it on his son at supper.
"Where were you last night?" the father asks.
"I was at the library." Robot slaps the son.
"OK I was at a friend's house."
"Doing what?" asked the father.
"Watching a movie, Toy Story."
Robot slaps the son.
"OK it was porn!" cried the son.
Father yells "What? When I was your age I didn't even know what porn was!!!"
Robot slaps the father.
The mother laughs and says "He certainly is your son!"
Robot slaps the mother.


James Bond is at a bar chatting it up with a beautiful young woman...

The woman notices Bond keeps looking at his watch.

"Are you running late?" she asks.

Bond replies, "No. This is a special watch that communicates with me telepathically."

"Oh really? What is it telling you?" the woman asks.

Bond replies, "It says you're not wearing any panties."

The woman laughs: "Ha! Your watch is broken Mr. Bond. For your information I AM wearing panties."

Bond smirks and taps the watch: "Bloody thing's an hour fast."


An elephant is walking through the jungle and gets a painful splinter in his foot

He is moaning in pain, just when an ant walks up. The ant sees his problem, and says, "Hey, I'll pull the splinter out of your foot, if you let me fuck you up the ass."

The elephant laughs a bit and agrees. So the ant climbs along his foot, and is able to pull hard enough to remove the splinter. The elephant is immediately relived, and thanks the ant. The ant says, "You made a deal - now I get to fuck you up the ass!" The elephant laughs again and says, "Yep, a deal is a deal - go ahead!"

So the ant climbs up the elephant's hind leg, goes under his tail, and starts to do his business. Meanwhile, a monkey has been up in a tree watching this whole thing, and throws a coconut at the elephant, hitting him squarely in the head.

The elephant then rears up on his hind legs and lets out a huge yell of pain.

The ant screams, "Take it all, Bitch!"


Little Johnny's first day at School

Little Johnny was the new kid at school. The teacher asked everyone to give him a welcome, as it was his first day in the classroom.

A smart kid who sat in the corner laughed and announced "Johnny? That's funny. If you make the J a P, switch the O and the H, and make the second N an E, your name spells 'Phoney' ".

After the class laughs, Johnny says "Yeah, that IS funny! What's your name?" "Tommy", says the kid. Then Johnny says without missing a beat "That's funny, you change all the letters in your name and you can go screw yourself".


A bear is chasing a mouse through the woods..

When suddenly a genie appears. The mouse and bear stop dead in their tracks, perplexed at the genie's appearance. The genie offers to give both the bear and mouse three wishes. The bear, not hesitating, goes first; "I wish all the bears in these woods were female." The genie laughs and moves onto the mouse. "I wish for a motorcycle." The genie nods and moves back to the bear. "I wish all the bears in the world were female." The genie laughs again. The mouse asks for a motorcycle helmet. The genie gives it to the mouse and looks at the bear one last time. "I wish all the female bears wanted me." The genie goes, "My man!" and looks to the mouse for his final wish. The mouse gets on his motorcycle, starts it up, puts his helmet on and says, "I wish the bear was gay." and the mouse zooms off.


Spirit bus

A college student named jayden was waiting for the bus after a long day of shenanigans. It was almost midnight. Jayden's bored mind remembered an old myth he heard a while ago. It was about a bus that carried dead spirits to the other world and about it passing by the very station jayden was sitting on. Jayden laughs it off and waits a little longer and a bus came. He went on the vehicle and payed for the ride. But the driver seemed a little strange and the seats were filled with old people and people who seemed to be on the edge of overdosing something. Jayden sat down. As time passed jayden sensed that something was wrong and he started to freak out. 'I need to get of this bus! I'm..i'm not DEAD dude!' Jayden said while flailing his arms like a turtle on his back. Then he felt a cold hand touching him and heard an voice saying. 'Dude, ring the freakin bell.'


Duck tape.

An old man is sitting on his front porch when a young boy comes walking by with several rolls of tape in his arms.

"Now son, whatcha doin' with that tape?" asks the old man.

"Well sir, it's duck tape. I'm going to go catch some ducks." replies the boy.

Old man laughs and watches the boy continue down the road.

Several hours later the boy walks back by the old mans house with tape strung out behind him. Stuck to the tape are several ducks.

"I'll be damned," thinks the old man.

The next day the same boy walks back by the old mans house carrying rolls of wire.

"Hey son, what's with the wire?"

"Well sir, it's chicken wire. Imma catch me some chickens."

Kid continues on and returns several hours later dragging the wire behind him. Stuck in the wire were several chickens.

"Kid is something else," thinks the old man.

Next day kid comes walking up the road carrying a bundle of sticks.

"Hey son, what's with the sticks?"
"Well sir, it's pussywillow..."
Old man interrupts, "Hold on, I'll get my hat."


After gathering less and less eggs

After gathering less and less eggs, a farmer decided that his hen was too old and it was time to buy a new one. He puts the younger hen with the older hen and goes back to the barn. The younger hen then says to the older hen, "You can retire now, I'm here to take your place." The older hen replies, "No I like this job, why don't we race to the barn for it? But since I'm so much older can I get a head start?" The younger hen laughs and agrees to his challenge. So the older hen starts running, but she isn't able to get very far before the younger hen starts running after her. Suddenly there is a loud BANG and the farmer walks out of the barn with a rifle in his hands.
"Dammit! That's the third lesbian hen I've bought this year!"


A man is sitting on his porch...

when a young boy walks by, holding a roll of duct tape. The man, slightly amused yet curious, asks the boy what he plans on doing with it.

"I take duck tape down to the lake, and I use it to catch ducks", replies the boy. The man laughs it off, but later the boy returns with his arms full of ducks.

The next day, the man is once again sitting on his porch when the boy comes around again, this time with a roll of chicken wire under his arm. "to catch chickens with", the boy tells the man, who is still a little skeptical, and laughs it off. Sure enough, that night he sees the boy carrying an armload of fat chickens.

The third day, the boy is carrying something, so the man asks what it is.

"They're pussywillows. I use it to..."

The man cuts him off. "I'll get my coat!"



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