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I went to physics lab and laughed


I work at a science lab

Last week the laughing gas chamber broke and everyone was exposed, we ended up laughing for 5 hours straight, it was hilarious.
Not funny? Well, i guess you had to be there.

We had an e**... in one of our chemistry labs last week.

Nobody got hurt, but the chemist responsible is the laughing stock of his group.
We use a lot of helium in the military, that's why when there's a shortage you can't get it for balloons - it's being stockpiled by the DOD. We use it to stabilize a variety of substances for storage.
One of the substances we cannot use it for is sodium. Even though it does not react with the helium, sodium in an environment with something it can't react with actually causes it to destabilize. In the correct stoichiometric ratio (8:3), it can actually explode. The chemists have a phrase they use to remind themselves of this:
Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, He He He, goodbye.

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