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Latvian potato eating contest.

Latvia man enter contest eat potato. Many other contestants. Contest start. Is no potato. All men sad. And hungry.

Is joke from Latvia. I tell now.

Latvian try to cross river. Has dog, potatoes, and dead son's body. Can only take two across river at one time. If he leave dog with potatoes or corpse, dog eat them. Is very sad. Also is not good boat.

One Latvian potato talking to another.

Is bad premise, nobody in Latvia have two potato.

Did you hear of the American who robbed a bank in Latvia?

Turns out potatoes aren't a valid currency in the US.

April fools in Latvia

Latvian ask friend if he want potato for lunch. Friend guess is April Fool joke. Say "Too easy, never potato in Latvia, only sadness." One man starve to death during lunch.

Latvia in WW2

Latvian man sent to front in Great Patriotic War. No potato, much shooting. Is captured by Germans. Germans send to POW camp. Get own potato as prisoner! But Soviets liberate camp, take all potato. Man dies in Siberia.

What is "high quality" called in Latvia?

"Potato quality."

Man Find Potato Latvia

Man is finally find little potato. Man think can eat and be hungry less but if plant in ground have many more potato soon. Many big potato. Hungry never! So he bury and water for weeks but no grow nothing. Then man realize was not potato that buried. Was just hopes and dreams.

Why are photos in Latvia always such good quality?

There's no such thing as potato quality there.

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