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  1. Latvian potato eating contest. Latvia man enter contest eat potato. Many other contestants. Contest start. Is no potato. All men sad. And hungry.
  2. Latvian Joke Bus full of priests come to Latvia, spread word of God. One priest ask Latvian man "Where is children?" Latvian man respond "Children is dead from childbirth." Bus leave.
  3. I used to live in New Orleans till Katrina took everything I had. Sometimes I wish she'd stayed in Latvia.
  4. What happens when Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Latvia get back together? A Soviet reunion
  5. Did you hear of the American who robbed a bank in Latvia? Turns out potatoes aren't a valid currency in the US.
  6. April fools in Latvia Latvian ask friend if he want potato for lunch. Friend guess is April Fool joke. Say "Too easy, never potato in Latvia, only sadness." One man starve to death during lunch.
  7. Why are photos in Latvia always such good quality? There's no such thing as potato quality there.

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Latvia One Liners

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  1. One Latvian potato talking to another. Is bad premise, nobody in Latvia have two potato.
  2. What is "high quality" called in Latvia? "Potato quality."
  3. What do you call an Italian who was raised in Latvia? Rigatoni
  4. The pictures are all perfect in Latvia because...

Latvia joke, The pictures are all perfect in Latvia because...

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Latvian Joke.

What are one potato say other potato?
Premise ridiculous. Who have two potato?

Latvian man goes to buy iPhone..

Premise ridiculous! iPhone cannot be use to farm potato.
Also, salesman die of malnourish.

Lost job and no money for buy potato.

Also is cold.
Regret immigrate to Detroit.

A Latvian Haiku

Where is potatoes?
This winter is very cold.
Family is starve.

Latvian joke.

I tell Latvian joke:
Latvian man very hungry.
He go in minefield, look for potato feed family.
Many hours, he suddenly find big potato, size of fist!
He quickly pull out pin, put in mouth, s**... whole thing.
Then he say "But why was there pin in potat "
End from joke.

Is joke from Latvia. I tell now.

Latvian try to cross river. Has dog, potatoes, and dead son's body. Can only take two across river at one time. If he leave dog with potatoes or corpse, dog eat them. Is very sad. Also is not good boat.

Latvian Dreamin'

Little boy go to father. Is midnight. Say boy, "Father! I dream I is Mr. Potato! Have big eyes and smile! Even having shoes! I wish I Mr. Potato for all ever!"
Man woke in midnight all sudden. Rubs eyes. Remembers boy dead by mule, and is no potato. Only cold. Is all dream. Lay back on dirt. No smiles. No shoes.

Latvian man dies of hunger.

He sees St Peter at Pearly Gate. St Peter give him bread and say, "Struggle over now". Man cry from happy. But, look again! St Peter is really devil, and bread have worm. Struggle continues.

Latvian Joke

Man sits in broken cottage with daughter. Man is cold and hungry. Man not have potato for days.
"Knock, knock" is heard at door.
"Who there is" man say.
"Politburo who" say man.
Politburo burst in cottage r**... daughter. Man now cold, hungry and sad.

Latvian Jokes

Latvian Olympian win silver medal in skeleton. Wishes silver medal was potato. Still is hungry.

Latvian Joke

One Latvian comes to other Latvian. First say "is that potato? Will buy." Second Latvian say "No, is wife." Both men sad.

A Latvian joke.

J: Kāpēc vistas šķērso ceļu?
A: Lai nokļūtu uz otru pusi!

So a Latvian man went to Idaho

Because he died.

Two Latvian men are talking to each other...

Two Latvian men are talking to each other.
The first says "I have joke for you. What did one potato say to other?"
The second says "Nothing. Nobody have two potato."

Latvian Christmas

Christmas Eve father ask son what want christmas. Son say potato. Father say "Ok. Santa bring potato." Next day boy is learn Santa no exist.

I have a Latvian Joke

Man has potato, man trade potato for magic bean.
Magic bean grow into tentacles, r**... daughter.

How many Latvian to eat potato?


Why is Latvian cross road?

Latvian see potato, but when cross is only secret police.

Latvia in WW2

Latvian man sent to front in Great Patriotic War. No potato, much shooting. Is captured by Germans. Germans send to POW camp. Get own potato as prisoner! But Soviets liberate camp, take all potato. Man dies in Siberia.

Not all Latvian so unfortunate

Lucky man is farmed 3 potato. Soon man has hit by lightning and die. Is true some have all luck, struggle finally over.

When Latvians Die....

How many Latvians does it take to screw a lightbulb?

Is dark. Bulb is potato.

What did the Latvians name their satellite?


Man Find Potato Latvia

Man is finally find little potato. Man think can eat and be hungry less but if plant in ground have many more potato soon. Many big potato. Hungry never! So he bury and water for weeks but no grow nothing. Then man realize was not potato that buried. Was just hopes and dreams.

Latvia joke, Man Find Potato Latvia

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