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Funniest Latino Short Jokes

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  1. How did the Latino kill 50 people at the same time? I don't know. He must have had a locomotive.
  2. A latino goes to a vending machine He gets a soda for 75c. He puts in 65c. The machine says "dime", so he whispers quiero una pepsi porfavor
  3. A latino goes to buy soda for 75 cents, he puts in 65 The machine reads "dime" so he gets closer and whispers "quiero Pepsi".
  4. A Latino gang member has received poor customer service at the railway station, so he vandalised one of the train engines in revenge. It was a loco motive.
  5. What are the odds that a Latino wins two $500,000 jackpots back to back? A million to Juan.
  6. A Latino shot an unarmed black man today, and everyone is in an uproar Especially the police, saying "They took our jobs!"
  7. What do latino supremacists join? The Que Que Que.
  8. Why did the latino move away from an island full of women? Too many beaches.
  9. Been reading a fascinating memoir about Latino street culture. It's a collection of esés.
  10. Why did the Latino Eminem fail in the music business? Because he had no compaDREs.

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Latino One Liners

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  1. Why did the Latino girl come to class pregnant? Her teacher told her to do an essay.
  2. What did the Latino say when two houses fell on him? ..get off me homes.
  3. A black man and his latino friend are in a car. Who's driving? The police.
  4. What do you call a Latino who lost his car? Carlos
  5. Why can't Latinos play Uno? They take all the greencards.
  6. What stops a Latino from performing well in a stressful situation? His panic.
  7. How many Latinos does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Usually Juan
  8. what's the only thing a latino has when he's scared? hispanic
  9. A man failed his gay Latino literature gang initiaton He didn't do his essay
  10. How many Latinos does it take to do a wax job? A Brazillion!
  11. What do you call four Latinos in quicksand? Quatro Cinco
  12. What game console do Latinos use most? XBOX JUAN
  13. What do you call a Latino whos car got nicked? Carlos-t
  14. What is a Latino's 3rd favourite dinosaur? *Terceratops*
  15. What do you call a Latino with a rubber toe? Roberto

Hispanic Latino Jokes

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  • What do you call a Latino gardener? An organic botanic Hispanic.
  • What do you call a hispanic with chlamydia/gonorrhea? Latino heat!
  • What are Latino women to their spouses? They are His-panic
Latino joke, What are Latino women to their spouses?

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Not really sure about my position on i**... immigration into the US. As a Latino,

I'd say I'm on the fence.

Ever hear about the Latino doctor that collects inkwells?

Nobody expects the Spanish ink physician.

What do you call a Latino on a trick bike?

A BMXican.

What is a Latino gang member's favorite type of exam?


How do Latino singers warm up?

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La t**... No

I don't think Donald Trump realizes how strong and unified Latinos are...

Every Latino is like a brick. When they come together they form a wall.

To all those going to Canada....

Do a Latino a solid and hire them to help you pack so they will have at least one more job before they get deported.

Why do many latinos major in english?

Because of all essays

How many Latinos does it take to change a light bulb?

A Brazilian.

What did the Latino name his 2 d**...?

Jose and Hose B

I'm a Latino nurse and while I was doing my rounds, one of the surgeons burst out of the operating room and told me to help finish the operation.

I cut the patient's o**... on the wrong spot but luckily I miscalculated and saved their life. No one thought I could do it and I shocked them all. Nobody expected the Spanish missed the incision.

What do you call a Latino scooter?


I am a Latino pansexual with no regrets

Hot dog buns work ok, baguettes are good when they are hollowed out, and donuts were probably made for it.
So I don't know why my friend always is saying that I'm doing it wrong

(OC) A devout christian Canadian man is walking down the street when a group of Latino male prostitutes walk up to him and ask if he wants to have a good time...

The Canadian man quickly shooed them away yelling as they went "No way h**... eh"

Latino joke, what's the only thing a latino has when he's scared?

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