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I was out on the west coast, trying to sell some guns to a street gang.

The gang member handed me a bag of severed toes with tiny $'s and tiny blue bandanas tied to them. I said "What's this?! No cash?!" He said it was the latest trend "Crip Toe Currency".
After a few months I wanted to buy a stolen sports car, but had no cash. My friend worked at a morgue so he got me a bag of severed toes and I drew $'s on them and tied tiny red bananas to them. I went to that gang member and tried to pay for the car and he said...
"Sorry. I don't want your Blood Money."

Did you see the latest fashion trend is adhesive based dresses and suits?

From what I heard they're a bit tacky.

Have you heard the latest trend...

Have you heard the latest trend that's blowin' up the Internet?
It's cyber-terrorism.

the latest trend

I hear the latest trend is to install trampolines on cruise ships - apparently everyone's jumping on board

Face elongation is becoming the latest trend.

f**... elongation has become the latest trend.

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