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A woman gets on a bus with her baby in Glasgow.

The bus driver turns to her and says Oi! That there's the ugliest baby I've ever seen, you should be ashamed of yourself, bringing a baby like that out in public. It's disgusting! She rushes to the back of the bus in tears, and a gentleman leans over to her and asks Lassie, why're you crying?
She says Well that bus driver up there just said the most horrible thing to me that anyone's ever said before.
In shock the gentleman exclaims Well you can't just let him get away with that! You've got to get up there and give him a piece of your mind! Here, I'll hold your monkey.

Lassie runs up to Farmer Fred

What is it Lassie?
*Bark! Bark bark!*
What's that girl? Timmy fell down a well!
*Bark! Bark bark woof!*
Right! I'll say you were here with me the whole time.

You can't spell lassie without a**......

and if you think you can, that's a lie.

Why didn't Lassie have to save Timmy on Christmas Day?

No well

What do you get if you mix Lassie and a canteloupe?


What was the name of that white girl's Collie who went on all those adventures in Ethiopia between 1930 and 1974?

Haley's Lassie

What do you get when you cross an Indian smoothie with a rescue dog?

Mango Lassie

What do you call a Scottish girl with a fake tan in an Indian restaurant?

A mango lassie

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