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What do you get when you cross an Indian smoothie with a rescue dog?

Mango Lassie

What do you call a dog who warns you about danger at the yogurt drink factory?

Mango Lassi

The family dog was in heat...

Little Bobbys family dog was in heat and his paretns did not want it to walk around the neighbourhood because it hadnt yet been spayed. After a few hours of little bobby bothering his dad to let his take her out for a walk his dad finally relented. He took the dog into the garage and rubbed a cloth in gasoline all over the dogs c**.... "there" bobbys dad said "That ought to keep the male dogs from catching her scent".
Bobby was gone barely 10 minutes before he returned without the dog "wheres Lassie?" the dad asked.
Bobby replied "she ran out of gas halfway back and a kind neighbourhood dog is just pusinng her back"

Share These Lassie Dog Jokes With Friends