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What type of cheese do you put on a Tesco's lasagne?

Maskapony cheese of course!
(British joke)

I make a mean lasagne.

It's quite average

After dinner I started to pack the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, when it suddenly started talking!

In a really dejected, pitiful voice it told me, "Don't bother pal, I'm useless. I'll never get that crusty lasagne off that pan. I'm terrible. The glassware will all have water spots by the time I'm done. I'm the worst appliance in this house!!"
I said, "What's wrong with you?!"
"Nothing, I'm a self loathing dishwasher."
Co-Written by: IveyRoney

Lasagne is the GILF of foods...

...It's got culture and good taste, but down below its just a sloppy cheesy mess.

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