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Funniest Lard Short Jokes

Short lard jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The lard humour may include short fat husband jokes also.

  1. If a mass of beef fat is 'tallow', and mass of pig fat is 'lard', what is a mass of human fat called? 'American'.
    Just kidding, it's actually called 'Yo Momma'.
  2. A month before my grandfather died we decided to cover his back in lard. After that he went downhill very quickly.
  3. I'm at an awkward weight I'm fat enough to not look good with my shirt off, but not fat enough for it to become part of my charm.
    I'm caught between a rock and a lard place.
  4. Shortly before he died, my grandma covered my grandads back with lard... ...after that he went downhill fast
  5. When my grandfather was ill, we covered his back in lard... ...but after that, he went downhill really fast.
  6. When my grandfather got sick, my grandmother rubbed lard all over his back. After that he went downhill very quickly.
    \- Milton Jones
  7. My grandfather died last year. A month before he died, he smeared some lard on his back.
    After that he went downhill fast.
  8. Grandpa was a healthy 82 when he fell in a vat of lard. After that, he went downhill really fast...
  9. Did you hear about the chef who never understood how animal-based oils help the cooking process? For him.... The Lard works in mysterious ways!
  10. Before my grandfather died, we tried rubbing lard all over his back. He went downhill rather quickly after that.

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Lard One Liners

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  1. How do you properly greet a very fancy duck as you walk by? M'lard
  2. Where do you get more lard from? The larder.
  3. What do you call an interesting piece of fat? Avant Lard.
  4. I love bacon. Everytime I eat it I get a lard-on.
  5. Anyone want to earn some fat stacks? I've got more lard than I know what to do with.
  6. TIL of the #1 consumer of lard in the world and the least healthy ever seen Your mom.
  7. Why couldn't anyone get lard from the shop? They'd been out of stock
  8. Yo momma's so fat She did a book report in high school, on lard of the fries
  9. What do you call a sumo wrestler's gaze? The thousand lard stare
  10. What does an a**... Pig get? A lard-on

Lard joke, What does an a**... Pig get?

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Lard joke, Before my grandfather died, we tried rubbing lard all over his back.