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Four men walk into an upmarket bar...

One is Malaysian, one Laotian, one Burmese and the other Vietnamese. As they walk in, the doorman stops them and says, "sorry gentlemen, I can't let you in without a Thai."

A Filipino, a Korean, a Laotian, a Chinese, a Japanese and a Vietnamese go to a fancy restaurant. "Sorry" says the Maitre d' ...

"You can't be seated without a Thai."

Where do people from Laos like to swim?

In Laotian.

What language does the moisturizer speak?


A Cambodian, a Vietnamese, a Laotian, a Malaysian and a Burmese walk into a bar

The barman refuses to serve them because they don't have any Thais

A Laotian and a Vietnamese man were racing.

It ended up being a Thai!

What do French people do when vacationing in Laos?

They go swimming in Laotian

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