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  1. What was the ancient language Link needed a book to translate in "A Link to the Past"? Hyruleglyphics.
  2. In Japanese, they don't say "moon." They say "tsuki," which literally translates to "moon," and I think that's how language works.
  3. Norwegian archeologists have uncovered the very first Viking parenting book. The title, translated into modern language, is *It Takes a Pillage*.
  4. Did you hear what happened in the Multi-Language Translation Race? Nobody made it to the Finnish Line.
  5. My attempt to translate a joke from my native Russian language. But in Soviet Russia, joke translate you!
  6. Translator Two translators are on a sinking ship. The first one asks, "can you swim??" The second replies, "no, but I can shout for help in 22 different languages."
  7. Non-native English speakers, try to literally translate jokes from your own language We might get some weird/funny stuff
  8. Did you hear about the sign language translator at Nelson Mandela's f**...? Neither did his audience.

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  1. I finally got my hands on a sign language translator. It comes in really handy.
  2. How does Google translate "ten dead American cops" into any other language? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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My grandpa's favorite joke

This works better in my native language, but I am going to do my best to try to translate it effectively.
At the end of a good day's work, an accountant goes home and announces proudly to his wife "Honey, I missed the bus today but I saved $2 by chasing after it all the way home! "
His wife fixes him with a look of pure contempt and says "You fool!! You could have saved $75 if you'd only chased after a cab."

The fly and me

I'm translating this joke from my native language so I'm hoping its just as funny in English.
The other night I saw a mosquito in my room. I kept trying to catch it till I caught it in a corner, ready to end its life, when all of a sudden it turned around and said "Wait! Surely you won't kill your own family!", I stopped in my tracks and stared at the mosquito thinking what it meant. Then I realised the mosquito wasn't lying... My blood was coursing through its veins

Spanish is a beautiful language.

You don't say "I love you" in Spanish, you say "Yo quiero comer culo" which translates to "you are the light of my life." I think it is one of the most beautiful things to say to someone.

Jesus walks into a bar

The barman looks up and asks "We don't serve wine here"
Jesus looks at him quizzically and goes to look for a Spanish translator because he had just immigrated from Mexico and English was not his first language.

About 3.000 years ago, lived the Egyptians. In their time, they build the pyramids.

As it should be...
I think, if you're going to build pyramids.
You should do it in your own time.
(Sorry if my English isn't that great, I translated it from my language.)

Man's best friend

Another roughly translated joke from my native language
A man spends most of his day working, so he teaches his dog a thing or two about communication, so he could check on his wife while he was at work.
So, he sits the dog down, and teaches him, "Woof is for yes, woof woof is for no." The dog nods its head.
The next day, he calls its dog on the phone, and asks it,
"Is my wife home?"
"Is she in the kitchen?"
"Woof, woof!"
"Is she in the bedroom?"
"Is she alone?"
"Woof, woof!"
"What is she doing?"
"eh eh eh eh eh"

A guy had a very curious neighbour

... Once he was walking up the stairs with a bag of bones. His neighbour was, of course, spying on him, and when he saw him he said:
"What are you doing with that bag of bones, are you making a party for dogs?" He immediately replied:
"Oh, you didn't receive your invitation?"
(I do not take credit for this joke. I heard it and translated it from my language.)

The most well known person in the world

Some Spanish guy named "Manual"... A copy of his autobiography, printed in multiple languages, comes free with every electronic device or machinery... although much of his life story is lost in translation.

The year is 1945...

The Soviet army is pushing closer to Berlin with each day. As they march closer, they start to find the concentration camps. In one of these camps, a Polish man with a limited knowledge of the Russian language is talking to Russian military officers about the camps, with assistance from a translator. As he explains, he reaches a word he doesn't know, and turns to the translator.
"How do you say civilians?"
"Acceptable casualties."

Friend who lives in Russia told me this joke

(English isn't my first language, sorry if the translation isn't the best)
The phone rings at 10 Downing Street.
- Hello, mister Putin would like to speak with Theresa May.
- I'm afraid she's currently sleeping.
- Very well, if she wakes up please tell her that mister Putin would like to talk to her.
- Will do.
- Thank you. *hangs up*
- Wait. What do you mean "if"?

The 3 children

One day, a couple married and got 3 babies.
When they grew up, the first baby named Snowflake asked:
-Mommy, why is my name Snowflake?
-Because, sweetie, when me and your dad were exiting the hospital, a snowflake came and fell on your head!
Next day, the second child called Rain comes in:
-Mommy, why is my name Rain?
-Because, sweetie, when me and your dad were exiting the hospital, a droplet of rain fell on your head!
Next day, the third kid called [b]Closet[b] came:
(Joke translated from foreign language, might not be the funniest but hey)

Wife asks the husband, who's the fool - you or me?

The husband calmly replies, while sipping his coffee, "honey, everyone knows you are way too smart to marry a fool"
Edit - I swear the joke was hilarious in the language I translated it from.

Donald Trump decides to visit Mexico to see the progress of his border wall.

While out in the middle of the hot sun he notices a pond of water by a farm. Thirsty, after having drunk all the water he brought with him, he decided to kneel down and take a drink.
An older Mexican man approaches him and says No bebas el agua, las vacas se han cagado en ella. (Translated: Don't drink the water, the cows have crapped in it.)
Donald shouts back: Don't you know who I am. I'm Donald Trump, president of the United States of America. How dare you speak to me in that dirty language. You must speak to me in English and show me the respect I deserve!
The man responds, Use two hands, you'll get more.

Another joke translated from my native language

There's recently been many jokes in languages from people around the world. I though I'd give it a go.
Johnny got a brand new bike and was proudly riding it around his house.
He rode past the kitchen window and yelled to his mom: "hey mom, look! I am riding without my legs". A while later he rode past again and yelled: "hey mom, look! I am riding without my hands". A bit later he rode past again and said: "hey mom, look I am riding without my teeth".

I translated this joke into English from my native language

Woman goes to the witch and asks what will she accomplish in her life the witch says: You will cause death of 60 million people,, Woman runs through whole city and when she gets to her house she sees a small boy sitting in the middle of the road and big truck coming towards him she grabs him takes him off the road sits on a bench next to him and asks: whats your name little boy?,,
The boy answers: Adolf h**...,,

[Translated joke from my native language] The medicine man

I rat-a-tat-tat on the door.
What is this? Which person is this rat-a-tat-tatting on my door?
It is I, the medicine man.
Which medicine man are you referring to?
Yes, correctness.

Joined to a trend of translating jokes from native language

The commander showing a new tank to the soldiers.
"Here, comrade warriors, this is our new secret tank. Sergeant Jones!"
"Yes, sir!"
"Lift up the tank."
Jones trying to lift the tank, pushing, panting, but can't do it.
"Smith, go help Jones!"
They are trying together, same business.
"Can't lift it, sir!"
"Private Miller, help them."
They puffing together, no result.
"There is no way to lift up this thing, sir!"
"Well, what did you expect? It's 46 tons!"

This joke is translated from my language.

There was a kid named daisy who went to her parents and asked them a question.
Daisy: hey dad why am I named daisy?
Dad: because when you were first born a daisy fell on your little head.
So her brother who is named bricks went to the dad and said: wnaopa wabwkla woplrn

A frustrated man takes his pregnant girlfriend to a doctor

Doc I really don't understand how this happened, she was on pills I used c**... still she is pregnant
Doc: let me tell you a story. A man went to jungle carrying only an umbrella, all of a sudden a tiger appears in front of him so out of fear this man point his umbrella at tiger like a gun, closes his eyes and boom, tiger is dead
Man: comm'on doc this is not a time to joke someone else have taken a shot
Doc: Exactly .
Note: sorry for the grammar tried to translate it from my language

My attempt to translate joke from my language.

Two men are sitting on the river bank, fishing.
Hedgehog walks out of the woods.
-Hey, guys! Do you have a duct tape?
Hedgehog goes away.
Two hours later hedgehog emerges again.
-Hey, guys! I got a duct tape for you!

A bus full of politicians crashed in a remote village.

Days later, when the reporters went there they found that all the corpses have been buried. And they went to the village chief to ask about the details. He told them how it was raining and that their bus lost control and crashed into a tree.
And then the politicians in the bus were screaming that they were alive. But we knew that they were lying so we buried them.
(It is a joke in my first language, so I do not know if I have translated it well enough)

What's the difference between God and a doctor?

When God is angry, he sends you to the doctor.
When the doctor becomes angry, he sends you to God.
( PS: I translated this joke from my native language to English. Would've sounded better if I delivered this joke in my native language.)

Two guys moving a futon to the 100th floor(this is a joke in my native language idk how good it can be translated)

Two guys moving a futon to the 100th floor.
At the 25th floor:
1st guy:
2nd guy: Tell me when we arrive
At the 50th floor:
1st guy:T..thi...
2nd guy: Tell me when we arrive we dont have time
At the 100th floor:
2nd guy: So what did u want to tell me?
1st guy:T..this is the wrong hotel

A guy goes to the doctor...

... and says "I would like to get castrated".
The doctor is confused saying " Are you sure? That's a big step."
But the guy insists, so the doctor performs the operation.
When the guy gets home his wife asks "Did you get vaccinated?"
He slams his head "ahh VACCINATED"
(Translated from another language)

A joke I've translated from my language that I found pretty funny:

A man is passing through a cemetery at night, as he passes through he sees a woman sitting near a grave.
Worried he goes over and asks why she's sitting next to a grave.
The woman replies: I felt hot inside so I came out.

Hot dog

(Half of this joke is translated from another language so i don't know if it's as good as the original when told in English)
Two foreigners come to United States for the first time.
They have very little knowledge about U.S. culture,
So they stop at a fast food place.
One sees hot dog on the menu and is shocked.
He tells his friend " look they eat dogs in U.S."
Intrigued he says he will try it
When his order arrives, he turns to his friend and says:
With my luck guess which part of the dog i got.