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  1. Some say that the english language is hard to learn. But you can do it through tough, thorough thought though.
  2. I've decided to learn jokes in sign language Then I can guarantee no one's heard them before.
  3. What does every frenchmen learn in first grade of school? (sorry France) How to surrender in 6 different languages.
  4. Why is English considered the easiest language to learn? Because even the Americans are decent at it!
  5. The average person has s**... 90 times a year. Man this going to be an epic new years eve!
  6. A dog says to the other, Woof! The other replies, Moo! The first dog is perplexed. He says, Moo? Why did you say, 'Moo?'
    The other dog answers, I'm trying to learn a foreign language.
  7. I'm learning sign language… Not sure if I'm any good at it, but I never heard any complaint.
  8. My parents asked my why i was suddenly learning a foreign language? I told them, "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition "
  9. I told my mate i was on my way to a filipino lesson He said "Hey i've been wanting to learn a new language, can i tagalog?"
  10. Dr. Doolittle learned to talk the language of thousands of animals. But not the language of ducks..
    They were just too Fowl.

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Language Learning One Liners

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  1. I learned sign language It's very handy!
  2. I recently learned sign language So I can tell jokes people has never heard
  3. Why Is C++ Such A Rough Language To Learn? Because it has a bunch of std's...
  4. I want to learn the Finnish language. But I don't know where to start.
  5. Why is it so hard to learn the c programming language? It has no class.
  6. Why is English such a hard language to learn? Because it's
  7. I tried to learn all the languages in Scandinavia But I didn't Finnish
  8. When does an Owl go "mooooo"? When it is learning a new language!
  9. I'm halfway to learning sign language. I have eyes.
  10. I dont get why Rogues arent able to learn languages. I guess Thieves' Cant.
  11. Ever learned an African language? It just clicks
  12. I've been trying to learn another language. NEUN!! Comes after eight.
  13. I tried to learn a new language But after a week of French, I gave up.
  14. What Nationality has the easiest time learning sign language? Italians.
  15. In what class do you learn to write calligraphy? Language arts

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What do you call someone who has an unhealthy relationship with learning too many languages?

They're polyglottenous.
(Sorry it's a bad joke)

Outside is snowing hard.

My wife is looking thru the window with a nostalgic look.
If it is getting colder i might let her in.
PS: Sorry my native language is not english and i'm too old to learn it good.

There's an Italian in a language class.

"Today we are learning about similes and metaphors. Can anyone give me an example" says the tutor.
A Spaniard pipes up "My wife dances salsa like a goddess"
Then a french man has his turn "My wife has p**... like a forest"
The Italian guy likes how this language works, so he has a try "I met a woman last week, Her eyes where like stars in the sky. Her hair was like soft velvet. She had a body like a supermodel" the tutor cuts him off there seeing that he could go on for ages "could someone give us an example of a metaphor now?"
"Well I was getting to that" says the Italian. "She was so fine I had to ask her out, And yesterday I met 'er for lunch".
I think it's from an old British comedy show, when TV was racist, but I'm not sure.

Two british men are sitting at a bus stop...

When a man, clearly not from their town, comes up towards them.
"Parlez-vous Français?" The man asks the two Brits.
Confused, they stare blankly at the foreigner.
"Hablan ustedes Español?" The man tries again - still no reaction from the two men.
Frustrated, the foreigner tries one more time.
"Sprechen sie Deutsch?"
but the two men at the bus stop still have no clue what he's saying, and the foreigner storms off in a huff.
A couple seconds later, one of the men sitting on the bench turns to the other and says, "We should probably learn a language."
The other man turns to him and says, "Why? He knew three, and it didn't do him any good!"

The foreign tourist

Hank and Frank are walking down the street. A flustered-looking guy comes up to them and asks,
"Parlez-vous français?" (Do you speak French?)
They stare at him. He tries again,
"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" (Do you speak German?)
They shrug.
"Hablas español?" (Do you speak Spanish?)
"Parli italiano?" (Do you speak Italian?)
They shrug again, the man gives up and leaves.
Hank says, "maybe we should learn a foreign language."
Frank notes, "that guy knew 4 and look what good it did him."

I started my first college programming class today.

It's like learning a new language or something.

"All we do is argue, we need to learn to get on," my wife said...

.."So let's try and speak the same language from now on, eh?"
"Moooooooo," I replied.

What do the French learn in basic training?

How to surrender in twenty-seven different languages.

Joke I heard while in Hungary

Two cops are standing by the street side in New York City. A foreigner approaches them looking slightly panicked.
"Parlez vous Francais?" He asks them. The cops, not knowing a word of French merely shrug their shoulders at the man.
Frustrated, he asks them, "Ustedes hablan español?" Again, the cops merely shrug.
The foreigner continues with the same result with Dutch, Russian, and German. Eventually, he leaves, knowing that there's no hope for him to communicate with the officers.
"I keep telling you we should learn more languages!" says one cop to the other.
"Why?" he responds. "That man knows five, and it didn't get him anywhere."

Bob and Jim in Paris

Two Americans, Bob and Jim, are on vacation in Paris. They're walking down the street, when a car pulls up, slamming on the brakes. The driver leans out.
"Parlez vous Francais?"
Bob looks at Jim and shrugs.
"Habla Español?"
The two men just stare.
"Parli Italiano?"
No answer. The man throws his hands up and then drives away.
They walk on a bit farther, and then Bob says to Jim, "You know, we should learn another language."
"Why?" Jim asks. "That guy knew three languages and it didn't do him any good!"


A Swiss man, looking for directions, pulls up at a bus stop where two Americans are waiting.
Entschuldigung, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen? he asks. The two Americans just stare at him.
Excusez-moi, parlez vous Francais? he tries. The two continue to stare. Parlare Italiano? No response.
Hablan ustedes Espanol? Still nothing. The Swiss guy drives off, extremely disgusted.
The first American turns to the second and says,
Y'know, maybe we should learn a foreign language.
Why? says the other. That guy knew four languages, and it didn't do him any good.

second language

A family of mice were surprised by a big cat. Father Mouse jumped and and said, "Bow-wow!" The cat ran away. "What was that, Father?" asked Baby Mouse. "Well, son, that's why it's important to learn a second language."

The Pope Dies and Goes to Heaven

The Pope dies and, naturally, goes to heaven. He's met by the reception committee and, after a whirlwind tour is told that he can enjoy any of the myriad recreations available.
He decides that he wants to read all of the ancient original text of the Holy Scriptures, and spends the next eon or so learning the languages. After becoming a linguistics master, he sits down in the library and begins to pore over every version of the Bible, working back from the most recent "Easy Reading" to the original script.
All of a sudden there is a scream in the library. The angels come running to him, only to find the Pope huddled in a chair, crying to himself, and muttering, "An 'R'! They left out the 'R' .
God takes him aside, offering comfort and asks him what the problem is. After collecting his wits, the Pope sobs again, "It's the letter 'R'... the word was supposed to be CELEBRATE."

Why is Russian the most dangerous language to learn?

Because it's r**....

A h**... is the First in his Family to Attend Ninth Grade...

Jethro is the first in a long line of h**... and bumpkins to attend schooling beyond the eighth grade. After his first day of high school, the whole family is bursting with pride to see him swaggering up the driveway.
His father says, "Jethro, come tell us about that fancy high school! What'd you learn up there today?"
Jethro says, "Pa, they taught me some al-gee-bra."
His father is dumbstruck. "What is al-gee-bra, boy?"
Jethro says, "I ain't too sure. I think it's a math language."
His father says, "Well, speak some of that fancy al-gee-bra for us!"
Jethro says, "Pi R Squared."
Everyone in the family stops smiling. Jethro's father shakes his head. "No, boy. Pie are round. Cornbread are squared."

Interviewer: Name one of your accomplishments

Applicant:Well I discovered aliens, outside my house and managed to learn their language.
Interviewer:That seems rather complicated...
Applicant:Well Spanish isn't hard to learn sir.

What do you call an i**... Italian immigrant?

an imPASTA!

Little Johnny was learning about punctuation

The teacher was explaining all of the different punctuation marks.
She listed the comma, question mark and when she got to period; Little Johnny raised his hand.
He asked: Why are periods so important?
The teacher responded: Well, they are a fundamental part of the written language; why do you ask?
Little Johnny replied: Yesterday my sister said she missed a period and my Mom fainted, my Dad started yelling and the next door neighbor shot himself

Learning English

So a man and his wife decided to speak in English at home to improve their language skills.
Her: Hunney, I'm going to rest a little bit.
Him: Sure hunney, rest in peace.

These blind guys at the institution think i am dyslexic.

I mean i spent a month learning sign language to talk to them.

A neighbor's wife knocks on the door

She says "Your kids can't play with our children any more."
"Why?" the man asks, shocked.
"They keeping on calling the other kids gay, you should watch your language around them!"
The man replies "They couldn't have learned it from me, otherwise they would have been calling them faggots"

Sure, English is a hard language to learn.

But it can definitely be understood through tough thorough thought though.

Person goes to the university ...

says "I want to sign up for all your foreign language classes."
They say "We teach dozens of different language's - you want to learn all of them? why?" They reply "I'm a Vegan and I to be sure I'll be able to tell every single person I meet.

Did you hear about the famous microbiologist who traveled to dozens of countries and learned to speak several languages?

He was a man of many cultures.

Problems of language ( sorry for bad english)

Two Hungaryan policeman stops a car. The driver cant speak hungaryan so he tries to speak in english. The two policeman cant understan it and they just looking at the guy. Then the driver speaks to them in german, french, and a bunch of other languages. The policemen let him go. Then one of them says: Shouldnt we learn any languages? The other says: Why sould we? That guy knows so many languages but they still useless.

A mother mouse and a baby mouse were walking along

A mother mouse and a baby mouse were walking along, when all of a sudden, a cat attacked them.
The mother mouse goes, "WOOF WOOF!" and the cat runs away.
"See?" says the mother mouse to her baby. "Now do you see why it's important to learn a foreign language?"

Did you hear about the time Snoop Dogg moved to Sweden and learned the local language?

He spoke swede every day.

My friend told me that I should learn more languages

I reminded him that technically I speak English, Irish, Scottish, American and Australian in one.

During the 80's, many college students from Eastern Bloc countries - Poland, Hungary, and Romania met each other at a summer camp

Sitting around the campfire after supper, these young people tried their best to communicate with each other (Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian are totally not related), ultimately having to resort to some kind of sign language
Then one dude got an idea: Hey, we all learned Russian in high school, why don't we try speaking in Russian?
… After a brief, thoughtful thinking and pause … everyone returned back to that sign language

My friend who works as a beautician wants to learn Eastern European languages

It sounds challenging, but I know she's going to nail Polish.

My little brother told me this joke. A family of mice were surprised by a big cat

Father Mouse jumped and and said, "Bow-wow!"
The cat ran away
"What the h**... was that, Father?" asked Baby Mouse.
"Well, son, that's why it's important to learn a second language."

While on a vacation in a foreign country, a man begins to drown in a lake

Suddenly, he sees two people walking by. He realises that he doesn't know the language.
"Help! Help!" he screams in English, to no reaction.
"Hilfe! Hilfe", he tries German. No reaction either.
" Socorro! Socorro!" he tries Spanish.
The people do nothing, so he drowns. As both passerby are walking away, one turns to another and says: "What do you think... should we learn another language?"
"Why? This guy spoke three languages and it didn't help him a bit"

If you learn all of the european languages, you know which one you have to learn last?


Barking mouse

The cat closes in upon them as the terrified baby mice back into the corner with no where to run. Suddenly, out in a distance behind the cat, mama mouse began barking "woof, woof!". Caught off guard the cat immediately turned tail and ran. Seeing that the coast is clear, mama mouse came up to her babies and gathered them up. Having made sure that all her babies are accounted for, she said, "see children, that's why it's so important to learn a 2nd language."

A Swiss man, looking for directions, pulls up at a bus stop where two Englishmen where 2 Englishmen are waiting

Entschuldigung, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?" he says.The two Englishmen just stare at him."Excusez-moi, parlez vous Francais?" The two continue to stare."Parlare Italiano?" No response."Hablan ustedes Espanol?" Still nothing.The Swiss guy drives off, extremely disgusted.The first Englishman turns to the second and says, "Maybe we should learn a foreign language....""Why?" says the other, "That bloke knew four languages, and it didn't do him any good."

Today in History class we learned that evil s**... traders used to lure and capture Kalahari bushmen by speaking their language to draw them out in the open.

A terrible, early form of click bait.

Scientists have discovered the most important sentence to learn first in ANY language.

My friend will pay.

An old man sat studying on a bench near the Kremlin

A KGB agent walking by looked at him suspiciously
but passed by
But an hour and 2 more times passing later the agent asked "Why are u sitting here so long and what are u doing?
Old man replied "I am an old man and Don't expect to live much longer. I want to go to heaven and as u know they speak Hebrew in heaven so I am learning the language now
To this the agent replied "Ha if u go to h**...? Then what?"
The old man replied "I am already fluent in Russian"


A family of mice were out walking, and were suddenly surprised by a large cat. Father Mouse stood his ground, drew himself up to his full height, and shouted BOW-WOW-WOW!!! at the cat. The cat, alarmed, ran off.
The small mice were very impressed. That was fantastic, Dad! How did you do that?
That, son, explains Father Mouse, demonstrates the value of learning a second language.

Cat Attack

A mother mouse and a baby mouse are walking along, when all of a sudden, a cat attacks them. The mother mouse goes, "Bark!" and the cat runs away. "See?" says the mother mouse to her baby. "Now do you see why it's important to learn a foreign language?"

Researchers have discovered a lost Hemingway novel where the main character is trying to learn a computer language.

The Old Man and the C.

Bob was struggling in the bedroom because he couldn't last as long as his wife.

He thought that maybe if he learned some French it would help.
But it didn't.
Then he tried learning German.
That didn't help either.
He tried Spanish, Portuguese, even Sweedish. Nothing worked.
Finally, he gave up. "It doesn't matter what language I learn," he said to his wife. "They all have one thing in common."
"What's that?" She asked.
"D comes before V."

I was talking via sign language with a one armed man…

Problem is I was only getting half of what he was saying.
Thought this up yesterday on a camping trip when my daughter was showing me what she learned at preschool.

I was chatting with my Finnish friend the other day...

I asked him where his favorite part of Finland was.
He said "Hyvä kysymys! I really like Rovaniemi for the Santa Claus Village!"
I asked him "Hyvä kysymys? What's that?"
All he said was "Good question!"
It's been a week and he still hasn't told me what it means.
(I'm learning Finnish, this joke has likely been done before with a different language, haven't seen it here yet)
edit: fingers added a letter, got it fixed