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The FBI made a big m**... bust recently.

The took the approximately 2 tons of w**... to a landfill and had it incinerated. However, the EPA stepped in and showed concern for the multitude of seagulls flying overhead. You know what their study discovered? That there was no tern left unstoned.

An old lady visits her doctor...

...and says to him:
"Doctor, I have a problem. I keep f**... all day long, luckily they don't smell and are dead silent, can you do something to make it stop?"
"Take these pills and come back after a week for a checkup."
One week later she comes by and says:
"Doctor! Not only didn't the f**... stop, but now they are smelly as a landfill!"
The doctor replies:
"Calm down, miss. I cured your sense of smell, now to do something about that hearing."

I was in the betting shop

and my friend told me to put all my money on a horse named 'Landfill'. Turns out it was a rubbish tip.

Why did the girl reject the landfill owner?

His place is a dump

My friend asked me to bet all my money on a horse called 'Landfill.'

Turned out to be a rubbish tip.

Much like this sub, I'm headed to the landfill tomorrow

To repost your trash.

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