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What do you call 2 lambs dating?

A relationSHEEP.


What do you hear if you hold a kebap to your ear?

The silence of the lambs


What do you call a crocodile that will only eat sacrificed lambs?

A Halalligator.


What do you get when you chloroform a petting zoo?

The Silence of the Lambs


Why wasn't the little lamb allowed to frolic in the meadow with the other little lambs?

Because he had a serious gambolling problem.


I went to the butchers and asked if he had a lambs head

No he replied, it's just how I come my hair.


I just love lambs skin condoms...

It reassuring to know that a scotsman's dick has already been inside of it.


A student got his PhD researching young sheep. What is the name of the movie?

The Science of The Lambs


Why do lambs go to casinos?

They love to gambol.


Why did Mohammed like his sheep?

'Cause they were his lambs (Islam's)


There's a really annoying moth in my room.

It's been on my Silence of the Lambs poster for ages now.


I am watching silence of the lambs for the first time and...

I am **eating** this movie up.


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