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Funniest Lamborghini Short Jokes

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  1. My boss arrived at work in a brand new Lamborghini. I said wow that's an amazing car. If you work hard, put all your hours in, and strive for excellence, I'll get another one next year.
  2. If you had to choose between world peace and Bill Gates' fortune... What color would your Lamborghini be?
  3. When I was young, I set a life goal for myself: I will buy a Lamborghini at the age of 40. This year, I've finally achieved half of the goal. I turned 40.
  4. When I told my friends about my Lamborghini, they laughed and said it was imaginary. Jokes on them, 'cause they're imaginary, too.
  5. Joyriding in a Lamborghini *joyriding in a Lamborghini*
    HER: No way this thing does 150
    ME: Only one way to find out *puts on glasses*
    *pulls over and checks Wikipedia*
  6. World peace or all of Bill Gates' money? If you had a choice between world peace or Bill Gates' money, what color would your Lamborghini be?
  7. If you could choose between 1 billion dollars and world peace... What would the color of your new Lamborghini be?
  8. Today these things happened: 1. I woke up
    2. I went to 7/11
    3. I won the lottery
    4. I bought a Lamborghini
    real order: 2,3,4,1
  9. I went to a car dealership last week and saw a Lamborghini that really caught my eye. I'm just waiting for my paycheck now.... So I can pay for an Uber and go see it again.
  10. If you could own the entirety of Bill Gates' fortune or solve world hunger,... what color would your Lamborghini be?

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Lamborghini One Liners

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  1. Saw a sheep driving a car. Reckon it was a Lamb-orghini
  2. A girlfriend is like a Lamborghini I dont have a Lamborghini.
  3. What kind of car does a rich shepherd drive? A Lamb-orghini!
  4. What is a sheeps favorite kind of car? A Lamb-orghini
  5. What do you get if you cross pretty spanish mussels with a Lamborghini? Benito Musselini
  6. If sheep could drive... They'd drive Lamborghinis
  7. What is an Alabama fan's favorite car? The Lamborghini inSesto Elemento
  8. What do you call a really fast lamb? Lamborghini 😆
  9. here in my garage just bought this new lamborghini
  10. Know how to say d**... in Italian? Lamborghini
  11. My s**... life is like a Lamborghini I don't own no Lamborghini.

Lamborghini joke, My s**... life is like a Lamborghini

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My boss arrived at work in a brand-new Lamborghini.

I said, "Wow, that's an amazing car!"
He replied, "If you work hard, put all your hours in, and strive for excellence, I'll get another one next year".

An employee sees his boss arrive at work one day in a brand new Lamborghini.

The employee goes out to the car park and says to his boss Wow that's an amazing car! I wish I had one just like it, that must have cost you a pretty penny!
The boss stands up, looks the employee in the face and says Yes, it did. And do you know something? Next year, if you work really hard, and you do your overtime, and you save your pennies, and you do your absolute best then maybe...
The employee, mystified and excited for what comes next, says yes...
The boss looks into the employees eyes and says then maybe... I'll have another one next year.

Four men are at a bar bragging about how successful their sons are

One says"my son is a successful brick layer and he bought his friend a Lamborghini just because"...the second man says"my friend is a successful real estate agent and he bought his friend a yacht just because"the third man says"my son is a great lawyer and he bought his friend a mansion just because"....their was a minute of silence and the second man asks the fourth man what his son does ...the fourth man replies"he's a gay stripper"..the third man says"oh you must be ashamed I'm sorry"which the fourth man says"not really his three boyfriends bought him a Lamborghini,a yacht,and a mansion just because"

A Saudi Arabian prince is going to college in England

He texts his father,
"Dad, I feel weird driving my Lamborghini to school when all my classmates take a train"
His father replies;
"Son, I have transferred 500 million dollars into your account. Go out and buy a train and stop embarrassing this family"

A wealthy man had a homeless man come to his door begging for money.

The man said I'm glad to help, but its healthy to work for your money. I've got a porch out back that needs painting. All the painting supplies are ready in the garage. If you paint the porch, I'll pay you $300. The homeless man agrees and heads to the back. About four hours later he goes to the front of the house and rings the doorbell. The man answers and says let's head back and see how well you painted the porch. The homeless man says alright, and, by the way, it's not a Porsche, it's a Lamborghini.

A genie gives a man three wishes...

One day a man was waking along the beach when he tripped over a lamp. He turned around and kicked the lamp out of anger. A few seconds later, a genie popped out of the lamp.
Reluctantly, the genie said, "Even though you kicked me, I still have to give you three wishes. However, because of what you did, I will also give twice what you wish for to the person you hate the most: your boss."
So the man agreed and made his first wish. "I want lots of money", he said. Instantly 22 million dollars appeared in the man's bank account and 44 million appeared in his boss' account.
For his second wish, the man wished for a couple of sports cars. Instantly a Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche appeared. At the same time two of each car appeared outside of his boss' house.
Finally the genie said, "This is your last wish, you should choose carefully," and to this the man replied, "I've always wanted to donate a kidney..."

A young Saudi prince studying abroad...

A young Saudi prince studying abroad receives a call from his father asking him if everything is alright.
He tells his dad that he is feeling ashamed that everyday he goes to college in his brand new Lamborghini while all the other students take the train.
His father replies: "I understand your shame son, take this 2 billion dollars and buy yourself a train".

I bought a used Lamborghini cheap with hopes of making a quick buck. My friend offered to flip it for me.

He was as good as his word. The f**... is Thursday.

This morning my boss arrived at work on a brand-new Lamborghini.

This morning my boss arrived at work in a brand-new Lamborghini. I said "wow, that's an amazing car!"
He replied "If you work hard, put all your hours in and strive for excellence, I'll get another one next year."

[Classic Old Joke] The son of an Arab oil tycoon joined a university in Berlin, after a month he sent an email to his dad.

'Dear Dad,
Germany is fine and the college is great. But I feel embarrassed to drive my gold plated Lamborghini to college when most of the students and even professors arrive by train'
Few hours later, he gets an email from his dad.
'Dear son ,
I just transferred $200 million to your bank account. Stop embarassing our family and buy a train for yourself'.

Three men die and go to heaven...

And God says,"You each get a vehicle but the amount of times you cheated on your wife,your vehicle becomes worse"
The first man cheated on his wife 8 times so he got a BMX bike.
The second man cheated on his wife three times so he got a Mercedes.
The third man never cheated on his wife so he got a Lamborghini.
A few days later,the second man who got the Mercedes goes to the one with the Lamborghini and sees that he's crying. He asks,"Why are you crying? Didn't you get the best car?"
The third man said,"I just saw my wife riding on the field with a scooter!"

Husband:Happy Birthday Babyyyyy!!!

Wife:Aww Thankyou sweetheart, What you get me?
Husband:It was a surprise, but you remember that pink Lamborghini car you wanted so bad?
Wife:o**... o**... o**... o**...! YES YES YES YES
I'm Screaming Right Now o**...!!!
Husband:Well, I got you a toothbrush, Same color.

What's the difference between a pile of dead bodies and a Lamborghini?

One of them I don't have in my garage.

A joke for my fellow comrades

An employee sees his boss getting off his Lamborghini at work. "Very nice car you have there.", says the employee. On that the boss replies: "A very nice one indeed and if you work very hard, always do your very best, make a lot of effort, and always work extra hours I will be able to afford another one."

If a genie offered you a choice between ending world hunger or getting a billion dollars

What color would your Lamborghini be?


A blondie was driving down the road with her Lamborghini. She stops at a red light.
A man walking on the sidewalk sees the car.
Man: Wow.. So beautiful!
The blonde rolled down her window.
Blonde: Are you talking about the car or me?
Man: I was talking about my reflection

Girl: Dad, I'm in love, Love at 2nd sight!

Dad : What's Love at 2nd sight???!!!
Girl : When I saw him 1st he was buying McChicken...
When I saw him again ...... he was eating it in his Lamborghini

I was the 100 billionth visitor on a website and won a free lamborghini

Apparently my credit card company thought I payed for it

Fast love

While walking down the beach a rich guy sees a gorgeous girl sunbathing and decides to approach her.
Guy: Hi, I'm Michael. I think you are absolutely stunning. Do you want to get a drink?
Girl: Oh, sorry, but I have a boyfriend.
Guy: I have a Lamborghini Veneno, few million in the bank and houses around the world.
[Girl starts crying]
Guy: Why are you crying?!
Girl: I just broke up

Money doesn't buy happiness.

But its so comforting to cry in a Lamborghini than on a city bus.

Is it possible to wish for a nice car if you find an oil lamp?

Depends whether it's a Lamborghini.

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