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I did 3 things thing morning 1.) Wake Up. 2.) Buy a mansion. 3.) Buy a Lambo

But the order they happened was 2,3,1

Why do bitcoin investors want a Lambo?

Because they know Ferarri is owned by Fiat


A blondie was driving down the road with her Lamborghini. She stops at a red light.
A man walking on the sidewalk sees the car.
Man: Wow.. So beautiful!
The blonde rolled down her window.
Blonde: Are you talking about the car or me?
Man: I was talking about my reflection

The worst thing about buy a lambo

Is when you have to wake up and go to the work in your bike.

What does the 6 weeks after child birth and a wrecked Lambo have in common?

No one gets with in 10 ft of that thing till the mechanic gives the all clear.

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