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The world is becoming too politically correct

You can't even say black paint anymore, instead you have to say "Lamar can you please paint the fence".

Why did Lamar give money to Kobe?

Because Lamar Odom

Why did Lamar Odom give kobe Bryant a dollar?

Because Lamar Odom

When Cannibals Attack

When cannibals attacked the AMAs, why were Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Drake spared?
You're not supposed to eat the rappers.
(I literally dreamt this joke)

What did Kendrick Lamar say when he a walked into a tree?

"Birch, don't kill my v**.... "

Why does Kendrick Lamar like to roll past the police in a Honda?

Because they can't take him out his Element

What would Kendrick Lamar be if he made people laugh for a living?

A sit-down comedian

Thanks alot Kendrick Lamar!!!

Now whenever I tell my kids to "Sit Down!" when they are acting up in public, they reply with "Be Humble!"

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