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What do you call a person who is unable to tell the difference between a ladle and a spoon?


What did the chef say after he lost his favorite spoon?

I'm sad, but only a ladle.

What do you call a soupy t**...?

o**... bin Ladle

How many autocorrects does it take to change a light bulb?

Foux! There to eat gravy, axe ladle soup

What is a yodeler's favourite kitchen utensil?


A man walks into a bar

and he sees a huge amount of people milling about, waiting for the bartender to ladle out cups of red liquid from a bowl.
When the man finally gets to the counter, he asks for a double whiskey.
"Ain't got no whiskey," says the bartender. The man asks for v**..., to the same result. Same goes for gin, tequila, and r**....
Frustrated, the man throws up his hands. "Look, I walked into a bar; isn't this where you come to get alcohol?"
The bartender shakes his head and says "oh, sorry no - this is just the punch line."

Thats how they do it..

A man goes into a mental institution and talks to the doctor in charge.
He asks the doctor how a patient is actually admitted to the mental institution.
The doctor says, 'well, we send each patient into a room filled with a bathtub full of water. We then hand each patient a spoon, a ladle and a bucket, and ask them to empty the tub the fastest way possible.'
The man says, 'oh, I get it, the sane people use the bucket, since it's the biggest?!'
The doctor replies, 'no, sane people pull the plug! Would you like a window room with a view?!'
EDIT- This was my favorite joke from my Gramps.. He just passed away at 89 years young! #AmericanWarHero


While conducting a routine inspection, the colonel arrived at the mess hall door where he met 2 KPs with a large soup kettle.
"Let me taste that," the colonel snapped. One of the men fetched a big spoon and handed it respectfully to the CO, who plunged the ladle into the p**... and took a large mouth-full of the steaming liquid, smacking his lips critically.
Then he let out a roar that could be heard back at headquarters. "Do you call that soup?" He bellowed.
"No, sir," explained one of the KPs. "Its dishwater we were just throwing out"

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