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Why did the dyslexic refuse to wear a polo shirt?

Because he was Lacoste intolerant.

I can't wear preppy clothes...

I'm Lacoste Intolerant.

A group of charity workers are sent to africa to see how their program is working.

They are walking down a street and see a crocodile with mans head in its mouth. When they get home and are asked about how their trip went one of them says "we can cut all funding, they got Lacoste sleeping bags"

I can't wear any clothes with a crocodile on them because I get an allergic reaction.

I'm Lacoste intolerant.

I gave my Japanese friend a Lacoste top as a gift.

He smiled and said 'Arigato'
I'm fairly certain their logo a crocodile...

My friend refuses to wear clothes with crocodiles on them...

... he's Lacoste intolerant

I was having random bouts of diarrhea...

Couldn't figure out what the h**... was causing it.
Then I started keeping track. I realized it was only happening when I would wear those polo shirts with the little alligator stitched on them.
Turns out I'm Lacoste intolerant.

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