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  1. I got frostbite and had part of my foot amputated. Then my girlfriend left me. She was lack-toes intolerant.
  2. Lost three toes in a wood-chopping accident and my girlfriend dumped me Said she's lack-toes intolerant
  3. Did you hear about the amputee who nearly died from an allergic reaction? Apparently he was lack-toes intolerant.
  4. I broke up with my girlfriend when I found out she only has 4 toes on each foot.... Turns out I'm lack-toes intolerant..
  5. I broke up with my girlfriend after she had to have all of her toes amputated... I told her before we started dating that I'm *lack-toes intolerant*.
  6. My girlfriend asked me if I would mind if she lost the end of her foot I said "Sorry, I'm lack-toes intolerant."
  7. I found out one of my friend is missing all his toes on his right foot I had to end the friendship because I'm lack-toes intolerant
  8. It may not be politically correct, but I wouldn't ever date someone who was born with deformed feet. You could say I'm lack-toes intolerant.
  9. When I found out my Tinder date was missing a foot, I nearly threw up. I'm lack-toes intolerant.
  10. My friend hates people with less toes... My friend hates people with 9 or less toes. He is lacktoes intolerant.

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  1. My girlfriend lost a toe and i dumped her I'm lack-toes intolerant
  2. What kind of milk do you get from footless cows? Lack-toes!
  3. I hate guys who've lost part of their foot in an accident I'm lack-toes intolerant.
  4. What do you call a man with no feet and is allergic to milk? Lack-toes intolerant
  5. My grandmother detested men with shortened feet. She was lack-toes intolerant.
  6. Why do cows have hooves? They lack-toes
  7. A friend of mine hates people with no feet Hes lack-toes intolerant
  8. What do you call someone who can't stand having no toes? Lack-toes intolerant
  9. I don't like foot amputees. I'm lack-toes intolerant.
  10. I just can't stand amputees... I guess i am lacktoes intolerant.
  11. I can't stand people without feet. I'm lack-toes intolerant
  12. I don't like hoofed animals because..... I'm lack-toes intolerant
  13. My wife recently lost her foot... I hope I'm not lack-toes intolerant.
  14. Why do dairy farmers raise cows, but not cow snakes? They are "lack-toes" intolerant
  15. I can't stand people who are missing digits on their feet I'm lacktoes intolerant

Lacktoes joke, I can't stand people who are missing digits on their feet

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So this guy absolutely hated pirates...

He wouldn't have anything to do with them. Eventually, we realized it wasn't all pirates. Just peg-leg pirates. Actually, it was anybody who had lost a lower limb. We later discovered he was lack-toes intolerant.

What do you call a person that discriminates against Frostbite survivors?

Lack-toes intolerant

A buddy had a lawn mower accident and died after getting the ends of his feet cut off.

Doctors diagnosed him as lack-toes intolerant

A hospital patient became violent when told he needed to have all his toes amputated.

It turns out he was lack-toes intolerant.

What do you call someone who doesn't like people that don't have any toes?

Lacktoes intolerant.

Did you hear about the person that hated people without feet...

...he was said to be lacktoes intolerant.

Lacktoes joke, I can't stand people without feet.