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  1. My girlfriend dressed up as a policewoman and told me I was under arrest on suspicion of being good in bed. After 2 minutes all charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.
  2. I got frostbite and had part of my foot amputated. Then my girlfriend left me. She was lack-toes intolerant.
  3. What's the difference between a vegan and a computer programmer? One is disgusted by rack of lamb and the other is disgusted by lack of RAM.
  4. (from my 11 yo) What does Darth Vader say after cutting someone's head off with a lightsaber? "I find your lack of face disturbing."
  5. A JOKE MY DAD CAME UP WITH Since the united states has a nationwide coin shortage, does that mean we lack common cents?
  6. My girlfriend got covid This is the perfect time to propose to her. She might just say yes because of the lack of taste.
  7. How many germans does it take to change a lightbulb? One. They are efficient and lack a sense of humour.
  8. My wife dressed up as a police woman last night and giggled, "You're being charged with being good in bed..." After two minutes she said she was dropping the charge due to lack of evidence. 
  9. TIL Type O blood was actually meant to be Type Zero blood, due to lack of glycoproteins in the red blood cells. It was misread as type "O". I guess you can call it a typo.
  10. Feminist I don't understand why women want to be equal when they could be better.
    That shows a lack of ambition to me.
    Which is why men are better.

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  1. My lack of Greek mythology knowledge has always been my achilles elbow
  2. I'm still using Office 2010 ... For lack of a better Word ...
  3. Why did the worker get fired from the orange juice factory? Lack of concentration.
  4. Why do vampires make the same mistakes over and over again? Because they lack reflection.
  5. I dislike people who are missing toes… You could say I'm lack-toes-intolerant!
  6. Doctor : you have a lack of magnesium Me : 0Mg
  7. Why are blind people bad at math? Because they lack da-vision.
  8. Jokes about Communism aren't funny. They lack class.
  9. What do you call someone who only likes people with 10 toes? Lack toes intolerant.
  10. My girlfriend lost a toe and i dumped her I'm lack-toes intolerant
  11. When my toaster broke, my wife left me. I guess she was lack toast intolerant
  12. For lack of a better word... Buy a thesaurus
  13. My wife got really mad at me for my lack of direction So I packed up my things and right
  14. Why are Titanic themed parties so awkward? They lack good icebreakers!
  15. Why is North Korea going fail against America? They lack the element of supplies

Lacks joke, Why is North Korea going fail against America?

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Physics Teacher's Story

Speed and Velocity are brothers.
Velocity went to college and got a science degree with which he's earning a six figure salary.
Speed dropped out and still lives with his parents in their basement.
Speed lacks Direction.

A little girl lives next to a fire house...

She admires the fire fighters so much she makes her own firetruck. It consists of her wagon, with the team of her cat in front with a string tied to his t**..., and her dog which lacks the testicular string, however has a harness and reins for her to lead him with. The firefighters see it, and have to ask why the string on the cat. She replies "I need a siren too."

A study found that 97% of people prefer bananas with the skin on.

Without one, it just lacks appeal.

What is the deal with s**... club food?

It lacks dressing

The newspaper lacks nuance

Everything's black and white

Why didn't Princess Fiona fall in love with Lord Farquaad?

He lacks Shrek's appeal

How can you tell if an amputee hates milk?

If he lacks toes!

What do you call a god who lacks self-confidence?

An atheist. He doesn't really believe in himself.

What do you call a county that lacks a modern telecommunications system?

"Technologically backward"
What do you call a county that lacks a fully integrated banking system?
"Economically underdeveloped."
What do you call a country that lacks a well-connected public transportation system?

Why is Kim Jong Un so immoral all the time?

It's because he lacks a Seoul.

What is it called when bee lacks water in their body?


My girlfriend lacks consistency.

She's always telling me she wants me to be more positive. Now that's the very thing she's mad about after one measly trip to the health clinic.

I decided not to let C into my fancy club.

It lacks class.

Did you hear they built a nightclub on the moon?

It's a far out location, but it lacks atmosphere.

One day a man says to his wife

"Our relationship lacks depth. Tell me something that makes me feel both happy and sad."
So the wife thinks and finally responds, "Of all your friends, yours is the biggest."

My friend asked me if I liked the girl in work who believes the flat earth theory

I said no because she lacks dimension

TIL: 5/7 People make up statistics on the spot.

There is a 50% chance this data lacks validity though.

My rare penny collection isn't very wise...

It completely lacks common cents.

I have a diabetic racist uncle who doesn't get on with milk.

He lacks toes and tolerance.

What's the difference...

between a woman with ageusia and a nursing mother?
One lacks taste.

It seems like everyone lacks the creativity to make a Nintendo joke.

Don't worry though, I Lakitu.

Yo mama lacks so much class

That she is a Communist utopia.

Why does Skeleton Soup taste so poor?

It lacks body

Why can't you give bad news to someone on the Moon?

It lacks gravity.

Which letter in the alphabet lacks enthusiasm?

It's the letter 'G'.

Lacks joke, Which letter in the alphabet lacks enthusiasm?