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Why did the marine park worker feel aimless?

Because they lacked porpoises.

Nobody wanted to see the naked banana . . .

it just lacked appeal

For all you web developers out there.

Why couldn't the div buy a drink?

It lacked id.

Why couldn't the div find a girlfriend?

It lacked class.

Why wasn't the div good at diplomacy?

Its position was absolute.

Why was the div an anarchist?

It had no borders.

Why couldn't the div play poker?

It had 0 opacity.

Lacked joke, For all you web developers out there.

What was sir mix a lot's favorite novel?

as my grandma always used to say, the hunchback of notre dame was little in the middle, but he never lacked much back. Mee-maw always did love voluptuous protagonists.

Why did C++ look down at C?

It thought C lacked class.

i'll see myself out

Dude got his foot cut off, poor guy had to give up drinking milk.

He lacked toes.

I applied for a job as a Marsupial...

Safe to say I didn't get it because I lacked the right Koalafications.

Lacked joke, I applied for a job as a Marsupial...

Did you hear about the bread-less klansman who couldn't drink milk?

He lacked toast and tolerance.

Why did the skinless banana have no friends?

Because he lacked appeal

My boss said I "lacked courage" so I walked out...

Got a coffee to calm down and returned to my desk.

The day I met her, I knew she was a keeper.

She completely lacked the skill, style or flair necessary to play out-field.

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A certain marsupial was denied entry into a local zoo...

His curriculum-leaftae was perfect, but he lacked the koalafications

Why wasn't the racer ever able to win?

He lacked the drive.

I lacked confidence in my ability as a sheep shearer....until I started shearing female sheep....

Ewes make me feel like a natural woolman....

The sign on the music shop read "Get Your Free Guitar Now! No Terms and Conditions applied".

Bob quickly got hold of one of them and unpacked the package. He was surprised to see that the guitar lacked strings.

I guess you could say:
"There were no strings attached."

I'll admit the Avengers had a plan

But in the end, they lacked vision.

Lacked joke, I'll admit the Avengers had a plan

If God lacked confidence

he'd be an atheist

Why didn't the priest walk into the lesbian-run mushroom store?

He thought she lacked morels.

Why'd the one eyed man marry the shallow girl?

He lacked depth perception.

Why haven't we been to the moon in ages?

Guess it lacked atmosphere

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Big Ben never married...

One lacked the time while the other lacked the inclination.

How did the defendant with ED's court date turn out, despite the #MeToo movement's most strenuous efforts to convict him?

Pretty well actually; they lacked any real solid evidence against him.

Why couldn't the Jewish banana get laid?

Because he lacked appeal

I was asked to make a joke about wood furniture.

It wasn't veneerly as difficult as I thought. The joke was Oakay but lacked polish.

I was asked to tell a joke about wooden furniture.

It wasn't veneerly as hard as I expected. The joke was Oakay but I think it lacked polish.

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