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Ricky Martin's endorsing a new diet

Livin La Vida Locarb

During quarantine I've been trying to see the upside of thing, but now with the civil unrest I'm feeling inside out. The contrast of being upside inside out is so stressful.

But that's what I get for Living La Vida Loca.

Have you guys heard about Ricky Martin's new line of coffee?

It's called, livin' la vida mocha

My neighbours allways listens to ricky martains livin la vida loca

If they like it or not

A Mexican, Texan, a Brit, and a Spaniard are on a plane...

A Mexican, Texan, a Brit, and a Spaniard are on a plane, and suddenly the pilot says, "We are crashing, but I will be able to land if 3 of you somehow get off." The 4 people look at each other, doubting anyone will jump. Then, the Brit jumps out, yelling, "Save the Queen!" The Spaniard then jumps out yelling, "Viva la Vida!" The Texan, in shock of what he saw, is swelling with pride, and yells, "Remember the Alamo!" and throws the Mexican off the plane.

Share These La Vida Jokes With Friends