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  1. Kylo Ren: I've always hated being an only child Han: You're not an only child. You're a Solo child.
  2. Why does Kylo Ren have a hard time making friends? Because for most of his life, he's Ben Solo.
  3. Why doesn't Kylo Ren's lightsaber look like a normal lightsaber? Because it's a First Order approximation.
  4. Since Carrie Fisher's death, I feel sorry for Kylo Ren. How will he fulfill the other half of his Oedipus complex now?
  5. What is Kylo Ren's favorite video game to play? Fortnite. Because loves to Solo Kill.
  6. Where did Kylo Ren get his lightsaber? At the Darth Mall.
    ^I'm ^sorry.
  7. Why did Kylo Ren get a free meal at the new McDonald's? Because he placed the First Order.
  8. How does Kylo Ren's master escape? With a Snoke Screen.
  9. What do you call a book filled with outlines of Star Wars characters? A Kylo Ren Book
  10. Why is Kylo Ren so good at limbo? Because he Ben Solo

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Kylo Ren One Liners

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  1. Why does Kylo Ren have no friends? Because his whole life he's Ben Solo
  2. Why does Kylo Ren never get girls? Because for most of his life he's Ben Solo
  3. How does Kylo Ren celebrate Father's Day? Solo
  4. Why did Kylo Ren miss? [rey moved]
  5. Did you see Kylo Ren at his recital? I heard he killed the solo.
  6. How does Kylo Ren spend Father's Day? Solo.
  7. What is it called when Kylo Ren masturbates? A Ben Solo.
  8. Why was Kylo Ren embarrassed at McDonald's? It was his First Order!
  9. Why is Kylo Ren always so angry? Because he's Ben Solo all his life.
  10. Plot twist, Kylo Ren is not an only child He's a Solo child
  11. Why is Kylo Ren always so angry? He's Ben Solo too long.
  12. Why did Apple want to hire Kylo Ren? He's an inner Vader
  13. How does Kylo Ren talk on the phone in his helmet? He uses a hans free device
  14. What's Kylo Ren's favorite band? Hanson
  15. Why can't Kylo Ren get a date? Because he has always Ben Solo.

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What is Kylo Ren's favorite pizza?

Supreme Leader

I'm surprisingly calm about Internet spoiling Star Wars to me. Who could believe Kylo Ren is actually vegetarian and grandson of General Akbar

Why does Kylo Ren decline all my raid invites in WoW?

Cause he been solo.

How long does it take for stormtroopers to obey Kylo Ren?

Just the First Order.

I really liked "The Force Awakens". Not everyone did.

But we can all agree on one thing. Kylo Ren was willing to do what the rest of us only think when it comes to dad jokes.

The Pickup Line Awakens

Hey cutie, did Kylo Ren teach you the ways of the strong force cause I'd gluon to you.

What will Kylo Ren say the next time he sees Leia? [spoilers]

Look, Ma. No Han!

What is Kylo Ren's favorite beverage?

Supreme Liter Coke

Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke go to a restaurant. Why did Snoke get his meal before Kylo Ren?

Because he made the First Order!

What's Kylo Ren's Favorite Order of Chemical Reaction?

A first order reaction

What is Kylo Ren's favorite drink?

Supreme Liter Coke.

What's the name of Kylo Ren's Limo service?

Adam Driver.

Why does Kylo Ren like singing?

he just loves killing that Solo!

Where does the first order spend its weekends?

At the Kylo Ren Faire!

Why is Kylo Ren s**... frustrated?

Because he's Ben Solo all his life.

What did Kylo Ren do after visiting Winterfell?

He built Stark Killer Base

What did Han Solo say to Kylo Ren to encourage him to stop stealing cockatiels?

Great kid, don't get c**...!

Why can't Kylo Ren trick Luke into thinking he is a Sith lord?

Luke knows its all Snoke and mirrors.

When Kylo Ren goes to Mcdonalds what does he get?

The First Order

Why won't Kylo Ren solve F=ma

Because it's not first order

Rey- "kylo! Can you cover up your torso!?"

Kylo Ren- "Why? You don't like my sith pack?"

Saw Solo told my younger brother, that I was going spoil the ending of Solo in only two words. I told him.....

Kylo Ren

How much does Kylo Ren weigh?

89 Kylo-grams.

Why is Kylo Ren so edgy?

He has a double-edged sword.