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  1. Kyle Rittenhouse has a lot of people to thank for his acquittal. I suggest he start with the prosecution.
  2. I was named after Abraham Lincoln. People get confused because my name is Kyle Blankinship.
    But like I said, I was named after Abraham Lincoln; Not before..
  3. I think I figured out the source of the beef between Kyle Rittenhouse and LeBron James. Kyle has LeBron sorely outclassed in both shooting and defense.
  4. Me and my friend Kyle visited Berlin When we visited the capital building, I shouted See Kyle? And pointed at the building.
    I got arrested after that for no reason.
  5. "I just got a fruit juicer because they say juicing adds years to your life...

    ...What they don't tell you is the years you add juicing, you lose cleaning you juicer."
    -Kyle Dunnigan-
  6. My girlfriend told me I spend too much time playing fantasy football But, in my defence, I have Andy Robertson, John Stones and Kyle Walker
  7. What do Pink Floyd fans and NASCAR driver Kyle Larson have in common? They both love The Wall
  8. Jeremy Kyle Headline : Did my parents try to drown me as a baby No! You might not be used to it but it's called a bath
  9. Ben and Kyle are talking. Kyle says to Ben I had a one night stand. To which Ben replied what do you have now?
  10. Kyle: "Dude, why is my netflix DVD out in the snow?"
    Ben: "Well, I heard the coolest thing on the internet right now is netflix and CHILL!"

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  1. 1 in 3 guys are gay I really hope it's my buddy Kyle, he's kinda cute.
  2. What's a more Kyle name than Kyle? Kyler
  3. Why did Kyle Crane have to change the lightbulb? because he had a dying light
  4. Hey kyle Cassidy has a crush on you... and other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself
  5. Man, Kyle's grandma looks so hot... ... while being cremated.
  6. Why did the Kyle Jenner take her new scarf back to the store? It was too tight
  7. Have any of you seen Kyle? He's about this o/ tall
  8. Why was Chris Kyle's favorite drink? Red r**....

Kyle joke, Why was Chris Kyle's favorite drink?

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I don't want to k**... shame Kyle Rittenhouse, but…

…whenever he shoots someone, he gets off.

It's Career day tommorow and your allowed to dress up as anyone you looked up towards.

Kyle wanted to dress up as his dad.
He said he'll go to the store for a bit and buy what he needs.
The next day he never came back.

Kyle joke, What's a more Kyle name than Kyle?