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In 1999, in the midst of the Y2K panic, the k**... Jelly company announced it was now Y2K compliant:

Known as 'Y2KY Jelly, it now allowed you to put all four digits in your date

I was looking for something to eat the other day & I found this Kentucky brand jelly my wife bought.

I tell you it don't matter, even if you put peanut butter on the bread too, you just can't make a decent sandwich with it. Got no taste.
I told her, "Woman, don't buy that k**... jelly anymore!"

I once met a girl who confused a tube of k**... Jelly with super glue

I asked her how it happened, but sadly her lips were sealed.

Why isn't the tagline for k**... Jelly...

Slip into something more comfortable!

Did you hear about the newlywed couple that didn't know the difference between k**... Jelly and silicone caulk?

The glass fell out of their windows.

I once knew a girl who confused a tube of k**... jelly...

for a tube of super glue. I asked her how it happened... her lips were sealed.

What do Billy Ocean and k**... Jelly have in common?

*"Love really hurts without you."*

k**... jelly

For when your cousin just ain't feeling it.

Did you hear about the couple that mixed up their k**... jelly and putty.

Their windows fell out.

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