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Where do poor meatballs live?

In the spaghetto.
Kudos to my friend who came up with this.

September was the first calendar month no nfl players were arrested in six years.

Kudos to their wives for being so well behaved last month.

What does a mermaid wear to a Maths class ?

An algaebra.
Note: Not my original. I had read this somewhere a few years ago. Kudos to the original creator.

Kudos to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!

They really went out of their way to make their adoptive African children feel like a part of an authentic American family by getting a divorce.

What did the mermaid wear to the math class?

P.S not my own . Reposting someone's original from years ago. Kudos to him

Kudos to that guy who was able to poach deer

I can't even poach an egg decently.

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