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What do you call it when Argon, neon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon, and Helium frequently attend church?

Noble Masses.

Did you hear the joke about argon and krypton?

It didn't get much of a reaction.

What do you call a soup bowl from Krypton?!

Well ... *a kryptonian soup bowl*, obviously.

What do you call a lawyer from krypton?

Sue-per Man

Helium, Argon, Neon, Krypton, and Helium walk into a LGBT bar

The bar keeper says: "get out of here, we don't want far right elements in here"

What's it called when the queen farts?

Helium Neon Argon Krypton Xenon Radon

Helium, Krypton, and Neon started a band. Why did everyone hate their cover of Don't Fear the Reaper?

No Bell.

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