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CHRIS: Hey can I borrow a ten?

KRIS: Any time!

What has a bunch of K's and is hated?

Kim Kylie Khloe Kendall kourtney kris Kanye

How does Kris Kringle clean his hands?


What did Kris Kross order at McDonald's?

A Biggity, Biggity, Biggity Mac.

Kris came from a family where it's a tradition to take out their giant boulder and put it in front of their house every year for a few days

Most of their neighbors were fine with it, but some were bothered by it, including an individual named Smith who had a history of conflict with the family.
This year, he was thinking of hitting the boulder to simply show disrespect to the family, but he was still considering it.
The question remains, will Smith slap Kris' rock?

Kris Jenner has filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner...

She is asking for publicity during this difficult time.

What did Bruce Jenner tell Kris Jenner on their wedding night ?

I want your s**....

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