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What did the fisherman do when he really liked a woman?

He invited her over to net fish and krill.

What do you call a shrimp that gets run over by a car?

Road Krill

What did the fisherman and his girlfriend do last night?

Net fish and krill

Krill joke, What did the fisherman and his girlfriend do last night?

I would make a pun about sealife...

But I'm pretty sure half of you would krill me for it.

This is comedy gold(fish).

A whale performs a La Roux cover......

"Mmmmmmmmmm.......I'm goin' in for the krill"

What do you call a shrimp hit by a car?

Road krill!

whats a blue whale's favorite date night?

netflix & krill

Krill joke, whats a blue whale's favorite date night?

What's a whale's favourite brand of hair gel?

Krill Bream.

How do marine creatures commit suicide?

They krill themselves.

What did the suicidal Meganyctiphanes norvegica do?

Krill himself.

What do you call a dead sealife in the street?

Road krill

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What's it called when you kill two fish with one stone?

double krill

If I hear one more pun about whale food...

I'm gonna krill myself.

What did the fisherman do on his date?

Netfish and krill

Why did the fish die?

Because the fish just want to "krill" himself on air.

What do shrimps do when they're depressed?

They krill themselves

Krill joke, What do shrimps do when they're depressed?

Today, I got propositioned to "Netflix and krill".

I said I couldn't, because I was a homosexuwhale.

When whales hunt..

.. do they go for the krill?

What is a whales favorite pasttime?

Netflix and krill.

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