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Tired of the same old jokes? Laugh at some of the best Kraken Jokes from Seattle's beloved hockey team. Get a kick out of puns about the Kraken, their mythical counterparts like the Titan and Smaug, and the team's official vessel.

Funniest Kraken Short Jokes

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  1. Why wasn't the giant squid terrorising ships last night? He was too busy Kraken open a cold one with the buoys!
  2. What does a squid say when it's in a hurry? Lets get Kraken
  3. What do pirate parrots say? Polly wanna kraken!
    (Amongst a large array other parrot-related sounds)
  4. I just heard a really good joke about a giant squid It's Kraken me up
  5. What do you call it when cephalopods start becoming more strict about things? Kraken down.
  6. What did the man say to the giant squid? What's kraken?
  7. What do you call a giant squid who runs a tow service in Indonesia? A Kraken-towa!
  8. What did the Kraken say to a wall? There's a Kraken the wall.
    Sorry if it's a repost, I thought of it a while ago.
  9. An octups walked up to a kraken and said How you cracking
  10. It's a little know fact that the Kraken cannot be owned, only rented. Re-lease the Kraken.

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Kraken One Liners

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  1. How does a pirate greet a sea monster? What's Kraken?
  2. What did Poseidon say to the giant squid? What's Kraken?
  3. You know what a krakens favorite meal is? Fish and ships
  4. How do squids greet each other? What's kraken?
  5. What does the boss octopus say before work? Let's get kraken.
  6. What did one giant squid say to the other giant squid? What's Kraken!
  7. What did one mythical sea creature say to the other? What's kraken?
  8. What did the sea monster say to the comedian? You're kraken me up
  9. What is the Kraken's go-to comfort food? Fish'n'ships
  10. How do octopi greet each other What's Kraken
  11. What did Perseus say after he killed Medusa? Let's get Kraken.
  12. THE KRAKEN: Yes, I'd like to renew my lease, please. LANDLORD: Re-lease the Kraken!
  13. You should never take what a sea monsters says seriously. They're always Kraken jokes.
  14. Have you heard the joke about the sea monster? It's kraken people up.
  15. What did one sea monster say to the other? What's Kraken

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What does a kraken and a p**... have in common?

Both of their bellies are full of s**....

What does a gay Kraken eat?


Why is the Kraken gay?

Because he eats s**...

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