Kpop Jokes

What are some Kpop jokes?

What do you call North Korean K-Pop?

Propaganda Style.

What's worse than Kpop?


If Korean pop is K-pop

Then Korean Rap is KRAP.

Why is K-pop the best genre of music?

It has Seoul.

Patient: I keep having flashbacks to that one K-Pop concert.

Therapist: I see, I diagnose you with BTSD.

My dad said he started listening to BTS

I replies, "K-pop"

What do you get if you only listen to K-Pop


K-pop bands don't have groupies.

No Korean in their right mind would sleep with a fan.

What do a veterinary clinic and kpop fans have in common?


I came up with the next musical fusion: Reggae and K-pop...

I call it Ganja Style

Whats the difference between a North Korean missile and a K-Pop singer?

The singer can have a hit

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