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A doctor made a mistake and unknowingly prescribed his patient a powerful laxative instead of cough drops.

At the end of the week the patient comes back for a check-up. The doctor asks him: *So how's it going, Mr. Kowalski? Do you still cough a lot ?*''
The patient, who's been sitting there very rigidly, looks at him with wide eyes, *No. I'm afraid to*.

Kowalski, dialysis.

Kidneys are failing, sir.

So this attractive woman gets on the bus and sits next to me..

She's reading Cosmo and she says to me "According to this native Americans p**... have the most girth." I just shrug, then she says "and Polish men have the longest ones." "How 'bout that?" I reply. Then she asks my name "Tecumseh Kowalski"

What would Jacob Kowalski's book about opening a bakery be called?

Fantastic Yeasts and Where to Find Them

What did Stanley Kowalski say to Christopher Nolan?


A man boards a plane home after a business trip...

... and he sits next to a gorgeous blonde woman. He notices that she's reading a book called "100 Facts About s**... You Never Knew" and asks her if it's any good. She says, "Yea it's really interesting. Did you know that statistically, Native American men have the thickest p**... of any race?"
"Oh wow that's fascinating I never knew that" he says. She continues with, "Yea and did you know that statistically Polish men have the **longest** p**... of any race?"
"No I didn't know that. What's your name?" He asks.
"I'm Sandy. What's yours?" She responds.
"My name's Tanto Kowalski"

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