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  1. The Jehovah's Witness don't seem to get the hint with my Koran, so... Islam the door in their face
  2. A Muslim man is charged with starving his wife When questioned the man replied he was simply following the Koran.
    The Lord said, "Do not eat pork"
  3. I don't need an expensive security system in my car... ...just some wires sticking out of a backpack, and a copy of the Koran next to it on the drivers seat. That will ensure it never gets touched.
  4. Dentist I am not sure if it is the waterboarding,
    the unsterilised power tools,
    or the insistence that I quote from the Koran,
    but I think my dentist was trained by ISIS !!
  5. What's the difference between smoking w**... and burning the koran? If you burn the koran, you can only get s**... once.

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  1. My friend has the Koran on DVD… I asked him if he could burn me a copy.
  2. I've just burned the Koran... CD if anyone wants a copy.
  3. My Anaconda Don't Want None Unless You Read The Koran.
  4. What's ISIS's favourite band? Koran Koran.
  5. I asked my pusher for something to burn that would get me s**.... He gave me the Koran.
  6. I call my m**... the Koran Because burning either one will get you s**...
  7. w**... is like a Koran You burn it until you get s**...
  8. What do the Koran and w**... have in common? If you smoke it, you'll get s**...
  9. Why do people call their w**... the Koran? Because if your burn it, it gets you s**...
  10. I call my w**... the Koran. Because when you light that up, you get s**....

Koran joke, I call my w**... the Koran.

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Mustapha is walking with his wife.

Hassan his friend notices that his wife is walking in front of him and asks: "You know the koran says that the man should walk infront of the wife"? Mustapha:" I am aware what the koran says but this is a minefield".

Abdul the Afghani

Abdul the Afghani is walking through the mountains with his wife in front of him. He meets his imam going in the opposite direction.
"Abdul, have you read the Koran? It says the wife should always walk behind her husband," the imam says.
"When the Koran was written, there were no minefields." He then yells to his wife, "keep going, Fatima!"

Koran joke, I've just burned the Koran...