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What's the difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump?

Trump would've charged for the kool-aid.

Why are there no black cults?

Everyone drinks the kool-ade on the first day.

I just found out the kool-aid man plays on a baseball team.

He's the pitcher.

What do you use to pick up turtle poop in Mario?

A Koopa Troopa Poopa Scoopa

What do Donald Trump & the Kool-Aid Man have in common?

They are both loud, artifically colored, and obsessed with walls.

A man is on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and is at the million dollar question.

The question is "which of these birds doesn't build its own nest? a.the cuckoo b. the sparrow c. the eagle or d. the red-tailed hawk. He only has "phone a friend left", so he calls his friend and repeats the question. His friend immediately says it's the cuckoo. The guy asks if he's sure and he says "yes, positive". The guy answers the cuckoo and wins a million dollars. When he goes to thank his friend the next day, he asks "how did you the cuckoo doesn't built it's own nest?" and the friend replied "Because it lives in a clock, duh!"

Why can't a Blonde make Kool-Aid??

She can't fit the two cups of water into the tiny packet.


I was waiting for a green light when I saw an elderly woman walking with a small child.

The excited young girl was walking slightly faster than the old lady, so the woman yelled, Degree! Wait for me!

Intrigued by such a unique name, I got out of the car and asked why she called the girl Degree.

She said, Well, I sent her mother to college to get an education, and she came home with this instead.

Credit to u/Princess_Kookie

Why does Spider-Man only drink Kool-aid?

Because with grape powder comes great responsibility.

What sport does the kool-aid man play?

Baseball; he's a pitcher.

What is the Kool-Aid Man's favorite type of bar?

A hole in the wall...

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Did you hear about the little bird that took over his clock by force?

It was a cuckoo coup.

What's the best place to wait for some kool-aid?

The punchline.

Kool-Aid Man breaks through wall.

"Oh ya!"

[breaks 2nd wall]

"Oh ya!"

[3rd wall]


[breaks 4th wall]

*Winks at camera*

What do you get when you snort Kool-Aid powder?

A punchline

Did you hear about the crazy chickens that took over a farm?

It was a cuckoo coop coup.

Why do blondes hate kool-aid?

Because they can't fit eight cups of water in the packet.

What do you call an awsome assistant?


What's the difference between a religion and a cult?

A religion drinks wine and a cult drinks Kool-Aid.

What position does Kool-aid Man play in baseball?

Relief Pitcher :^)

Why don't blondes like making KOOL-AID?

Because they can't fit 8 cups of water in the little packet

I just got a job as a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock...

...It's not the best job in the world, but it gets me out of the house.

Guyana - 1978 drinking Koolaid

Why didn't they tell jokes in Jonestown?

The punch line was too long.

Jones Soda is good...

...but have you ever tried their Kool-Aid?

What STD does a hip black man get?


Why did the Kool-Aid man stop acting on Broadway?

He always broke the fourth wall.

My wife and I have been plagued by birds chirping outside our window at night, and it's upsetting her

She asks me "What kind of bird chirps at night?! Isn't that a morning thing?!"

I tell her "Well, the bird likes to chirp at all hours, and is obviously mentally ill or crazy, so it can only be one kind..."

"What's that?"

"A *cuckoo* bird!"


I don't think I've ever seen her roll her eyes that hard at anything I've ever said. (Borat thumbs) GREAT SUCCESS!

Bill Cosby's defense rested after 6 minutes into the trial.

I guess they drank his Kool-Aid.

Water.....I have news for you.

The poor bottle water notice he was red, it felt nauseous, it had diarrhea, and it had a sweet taste in its mouth. He went to the clinic to see what was wrong with him. But the doctor had bad news. He said" I'm sorry water, but you have **Kool** aids."

What happens when you run out of Kool-aid?

No punchline!

What was the Kool-Aid mans favorite wall to break?

The Fourth Wall.

I bought a clock that was made by the patients at a psychiatric hospital

It's the beautiful cuckoo clock I've ever seen.

Partied so hard last night I spilled Kool-Aide on my cocaine


Why did the cultists drink the Kool-Aid?

To get to the other side.

Wanna hear a joke about Kool-Aid?

Crap. I forgot the punch line

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