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Why do koi always swim in groups of 4?

So that while the A koi, B koi and C koi escape the predator will always go for the D koi


Spent an hour by my wife's grave

God bless her soul, she thinks I'm digging a koi pond.


One of my friends told me he didn't like it when I made fish jokes.

But I think he was just being koi.


What do you call a shy fish?



TIL that koi fish are incredibly intelligent, and naturally form groups of four fish, with each having a specialized role.

The group is always led by a leader fish , called koi A. The other three fish will follow it everywhere.

Koi B is in charge of hunting for the group, and will report back to them with the location of food.

Koi C is usually a large, aggressive female. She protects the group from threats, and asserts dominance over other groups of koi.

And if the fish are attacked, the other three swim away, and the predator always goes for the D koi.


Koi Fish always travel in groups of four

That's because while the A Koi, the B Koi and the C Koi escape. The predator will always go after the D Koi


I went on a date with a small carp once. Bit of a tease, kept acting shy.

She was a little koi.


McDonalds is releasing a new Japanese fish sandwich.

It will be called The Real Mc Koi.


If a group of koi fish Is called a "gasp," then what do you call a group of hipsters?

A Pabst.


Has anyone heard of that Indian tribe that shape shift into Carp and float slowly through the woods all spooky-like?

You mean you've never heard of the Eerie Koi before?


Philip Glass spent the night at the aquarium, but his bed was a little fishy.

There was a koi on his cot, see.


I asked Flavor Flav if he liked backyard ponds

Yeah Koi!


True lines...

True lines...
Log kahte he kisi ek ke chale jane se hamari zindagi ruk nhi
Ye koi nhi janta ki lakho ke mil jane se bhi us ek ki kami
poori nhi hoti....!!!


What did the salmon say to his shy Japanese girlfriend?

Don't be koi.


I recently bought some Koi from Malaysia...

That's one flight that made it.


What do you call an introverted fish?



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