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Where does the know-it-all get his water?

From a well, actually.


A turtle is crossing the road....

when he is mugged by two snails. When the police show up they ask him what happened. The shaken turtle replies "I don't all happened so fast!"


Know-it-alls think themselves a fountain of knowledge. In truth they are an oil spill of knowledge...

Unwelcome and hard to get rid of.


Why did hitler commit suicide?

He saw the gas bill

Yea, yea I was almost funny in 1945....I'll see myself out.


What does a know-it-all always have in their kitchen?

A pedantry.


I don't watch the Croatian Football games..

I don't just feels very itchy.


Dad joke gold?

My 10yo is doing a project on Mississippi and one of it's famous residents was Elvis. She was doing some research on him and started asking me questions:

10: Dad was Elvis on drugs?
M: Yep....I think he even died on the toilet
10: Whhaaattt? Was he going to the bathroom when he died?
M: Not sure, but I do was a pretty shitty way to go

Cue: Laughter explosion, I don't curse around them so the impact was bigger


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