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  1. Why did pinocchio prefer wooden girls over the real thing? Because the wooden girls are knotty!
  2. Did you know that Santa Claus is both an arborist and a geologist? He's gonna find out what's knotty or gneiss.
  3. My wife was doing her hair for Christmas Eve She seemed to be struggling to comb it. I told her she should have written to Santa about it - he could have told her if her hair was knotty or nice.
  4. I punched a bundle of wood at work today. It was giving me knotty looks.
  5. What did the cowboy tell his rope? Why are you so knotty?
  6. Why was the rope sent to his room? He was being knotty.
  7. Why didn't the tree get any presents for Christmas? He was knotty.
  8. You know what kind of tree I would be? A knotty Pine
  9. What did the b**... rope say? I'm knotty
  10. What do you call a s**... shoelace? Knotty

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Knotty One Liners

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  1. There are only two outcomes in a knot-tying competition. Win or loose.
  2. My contortionist wife wants to do the pretzel in bed tonight. She's so knotty.
  3. Why didn't the rope get any presents this year? He was very knotty.
  4. What did the mother rope say to her child? Don't be knotty.
  5. Why did the rope go to jail? Because he was knotty
  6. Why didn't Santa go to the rope tying convention? Because they're all on the knotty list.
  7. What does the Daddy tree say to the kid tree? Don't be knotty
  8. Why do the scouts always get coal from Santa? Because they're all on the knotty list
  9. Why did the tree have to go to the corner of the forest? Because it was being knotty.
  10. What types of trees never get Christmas presents? Knotty Pines.
  11. Why did the tree get in trouble? It was being knotty.
  12. Why was the log put in timeout? Because it was knotty.
  13. Why didn't the string get anything for Christmas? Because he was knotty!
  14. Why did the tree keep getting grounded? Because it was s knotty pine!
  15. What did the pervert say to the lumber? You're so knotty!

Knotty joke, What did the pervert say to the lumber?

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Knotty joke, Why did the tree keep getting grounded?