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Funniest Knockers Short Jokes

Short knockers jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The knockers humour may include short knickers jokes also.

  1. Knocker: Knock knock
    Person: who's there
    Person:daisy who?
    Knocker: Daisy Me Rollin They Haitin
  2. Knocker: Knock knock
    Person: who's there
    Person:daisy who?
    Knocker: Daisy Me Rollin They Haitin
  3. h**... is trying to stay afloat during this pandemic so they are starting door to door service thus a name change is in order. They will now be known as k**...
  4. How can you tell a boy door from a girl door? One has a ding-d**... and the other's got k**....
  5. How can you tell the difference between a male door and a female door? One has a ding-d**... and the other has k**....
  6. This morning I was beat up by a woman in an elevator I was staring at her k**... and she said "Could you please press one?", so I did.
  7. With lots of restaurants closed, h**... still remains open for delivery orders... They just go by k**... now.
  8. Why did the stripper decide not to go through with the breast augmentation surgery? Because she found out her doctor graduated from the University of Hard k**....
  9. Why do some doors need bras? Because they have heavy k**....
  10. Where do h**... waitresses get their training? At the school of Hard k**...!

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Knockers One Liners

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  1. Did you hear about the guy that invented the door knocker? He won the "Nobell" prize.
  2. Ever heard of the "door knocker"? No? It doesn't ring a bell?
  3. Why did a scientist install a door knocker? coz he wanted to win a no-bell prize!!!!!!!!
  4. If h**... had a delivery option Would it be called k**...?
  5. If h**... started a home delivery service... would it be called k**...?
  6. If girls with b**... work at h**..., where do girls with one leg work? I-hop
  7. h**... should start a delivery service called k**....
  8. If h**... delivered their food... ...would that make them k**...?
  9. Do I know what door k**... are? Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
  10. If h**... did deliveries... ...would they be called k**...?
  11. h**... is starting a home delivery service. It's called k**....
  12. h**... is launching a new delivery service. They're calling it 'knockers'.
  13. What do you call a p**...'s bra? Fort k**...!
  14. What can open doors and is in front of your mom? k**...
  15. Whoever invented door k**... Probably won a Nobel prize

Knockers joke, Whoever invented door k**...

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A priest is walking down the street when he sees a little girl trying to reach a door knocker that is high-up on a front door.

"Let me help," he says, knocking on the door. "Now is there anything else I can do?"
"Yes," says the girl, "Now we run like crazy."

Knockers joke, Do I know what door k**... are?