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A lady almost 9 months pregnant falls down some stairs and knocks herself out...

When she wakes up, she is in a hospital bed.
Doctor: "We had to deliver your fraternal twins while you slept, but they are completely healthy. Also, your brother stopped by and named them for you"
New Mother: "My brother named them? But he's an idiot! What are their names?"
Doctor: "Well, the little girl is named Denise."
New Mother: "Well, that's not so bad. What about my son?"
Doctor: "Denephew."

A census enumerator is working out in the country when he knocks on the door of a farmhouse.

A woman opens the door, and the man explains he's with the census and she agrees to do the interview. Eventually he gets to the part where he asks if she has children.
Let's see, says the woman, There's Timmy and Tammy; they're 4. There's Molly and Holly; they're 8. There's Terry and Larry; they're–
The census worker cuts her off, wide-eyed. You mean to tell me, he says, that you got twins EVERY time?!
The woman laughs and says Oh goodness, no! There was hundreds of times we didn't get anything!

A lady walks into WalMart...

...with her two children, the older boy is pushing the younger boy in the stroller. The greeter says "Welcome to Walmart, how you doin'?" The lady just rolls her eyes at him, yells at her kids to hurry up, and keeps on walking.
Just as she's passing him by, the greeter asks, "Are those twin boys?" The lady stops and turns with a big huff and says, "Of course they're not twins. This one is obviously years older than the other one. Why would you think they were twins? Are you s**... or something!?"
The greeter leans in real close and says, "I just find it hard to believe someone stuck around long enough to knock you up twice."

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