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A joke for Australians

The Garbo's doing his rounds and he gets his mate,the b**...'s place and the bin ain't out the front. So the Garbo knocks on the door. "G'Day, b**.... Long time no see. Where's ya bin?" Asks the Garbo. "I bin on holidays." Says the b**.... "Nah mate, where's ya bin?" Repeats the Garbo. "I just said," responds the b**..., "I bin on holidays." "No no. Where's ya wheelie bin?" Clarifies the Garbo. The b**... responds, "Well I wheelie bin in jail but I tell people I was on holidays."

Of all the holidays that jehova witnesses should celebrate...

... You'd think halloween would be it. Knocking on strangers doors, how could they pass that up?!

A Dutchman and an Englishmen meet in a beach bar on holiday.

The Dutchman speaks hardly any English and the Englishman, inevitably, even less Dutch, but they still enjoy each other's company and knock back a few beers together. After a while the Englishman manages to get across a question: "what is it that you do for a living?"
The Dutchman says carefully "I... *f**...\**... horses."
"Pardon?!" exclaims the Englishman.
"*Ja! Paarden!*" says the Dutchman, beaming widely.
\* \['breed'\]

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