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What did 50 cent's grandma say to him when he gave her a hand woven scarf for mother's day?

G u knit?

Three expectant mothers

Are in the doctors waiting room knitting. The first takes a pill and the other two look over at her "iron so baby will be nice and healthy" she tells the other two. Not to be out done the second takes one too "calcium so baby grows up strong". The last also takes one "thalidomide, because I've not learnt how to knit arms yet"

Three expectant mothers are in a doctors waiting room...

They are sitting there quietly knitting jumpers for their babies. After a while they start to chat, and ask each other what supplements they are taking for their babies. The first says "I'm taking calcium so my baby has strong teeth and bones". The second says "I'm taking Vitamin B so my baby grows tall and strong". The third says "I'm taking thalidomide". Horrified the other two mothers ask her "Why on earth are you taking that?". She says "Because I can't knit sleeves".

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