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Funniest Knight Chess Short Jokes

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  1. Which rockstar is the best chess player? Bob Seger, because he's always working on them knight moves.
  2. Why would a chess piece in charge of a city be like a bad dream? Because it would be a knight mayor.
  3. Chess is actually quite easy... Knight takes Rook, King takes Queen, and Bishop molests the Pawns.
  4. Why does Bob Seger always laugh when he plays chess? He thinks it's funny how the Knight moves.
  5. I've just started work as a human chess piece. The money's good, I'm on knights this week.
  6. What did the chess grandmaster do when the big tournament was stressing him out? He took the knight off.
  7. I got a new job this week. Dressing up as chess pieces... The money's not bad - I'm on knights this week.
  8. Can you buy an entire chess set in a p**...-shop? I did it the other knight...
    And I got rooked.

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Knight Chess One Liners

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  1. I got a job at a chess piece factory recently... ...I'm on the knight shift next week.
  2. What did the chess piece say before bed? Knight knight.
  3. Me and the knight in chess have a lot in common Every time we move it results on an L
  4. I got a job making chess pieces. I'm currently working knights.
  5. I just started a new job at a factory that makes chess pieces. I'm on knights next week.
  6. How many Knights are there on a Chess Board? For-tnite
  7. What's a k**...'s favorite chess piece? A white knight.

Knight Chess Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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Bob Seger sits in a park with a tired-eyed old man. He's learning how to play chess.

After going over the layout and setup of the board, the old man begins a lesson on to the movement of the individual pieces.
Queens move in all directions, any distance. Kings are the same but with only one space. He didn't understand the knight, though.
Two in one direction, then one to the side.
Hm, funny how the knight moves.