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I made a clock. The big hand is a butcher's knife, the small hand is a paring knife, and the clock face is a sharpening stone.

There's never a dull moment.

I gave up trying to sharpen my two-dollar knife.

I just couldn't see the point.


Suspect: I ain't talking
Cop: [sharpens knife] we have other ways of making people talk [cuts a piece of cake]
Suspect: can I have some
Cop: cake is for the talkers

My teacher in workshop laughed when I said I could make a deadly knife out of cotton...

...After I sharpened the tip, he backed down saying, "I see you've made your point."

Took my Bowie knife to the blacksmith to get sharpened, when he saw it he said he hadn't seen one in while...

...I could tell he was really excited because he got a huge honer.

Did you hear about the pocket knife that fell in love with a sharpening stone?

They're lawfully whetted now.

Why did I carve a heart with me and my boyfriends initials into a tree?

To sharpen the knife

I tried to get into the knife sharpening academy

I didn't make the cut.

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