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The best pick up advice I've ever been told is..

..always bend your knees.

Some good advice on how to pick up girls

Bend at the knees and lift slowly. Avoid turning or twisting your body.

A blonde walks into a doctor's office, the doctor asks what's wrong and the blonde says "My entire body hurts!"

"Oh?" Said the doctor, "like a whole body ache?"
"No!" said the blonde "like everywhere is searing pain! Here I'll show you!"
The blonde pokes her shoulder "That really hurt!"
She pokes her stomach "That really hurt too!"
She bends down and pokes her knees "Both of those hurt super bad! Can you help me doctor!?"
The doctor looks at her, sighs, and says "Yes I can help you, in fact I solved your problem"
"What is it!?"
"Your finger's broken"

John went to the doctor...

Apparently he is incapable of Bending the Knee

What would happen, if IT technic became a doctor?

Patient: I can't bend my knee.
Doctor: [*bends his knee*] Weird, works fine for me.

A good girl bends at the knees...

A great girl bends at the hip.

Game of thrones actors numbers leaked online

Someone called Kit Harrington...
"Hello, who's this?!"
"It's Ben."
"Ben who..?!?"
"Ben-d knee."

Why does John Snow refuse to use the Elliptical?

He doesn't want to bend the knee.

Why does the boy could not bend his knees?

because he had no knees

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