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  1. Have you guys heard the joke about the airplane? I'd tell it, but it'd go over your heads....
    OP will deliver knee slappers and humdingers!
  2. My fiance, feeling a bit under the weather, just blurted out this knee-s**... at 3AM... Why does bill nye get sleepy after writing calligraphy?
    Because of the Nye Quill.
  3. Have you heard the one about the dwarf who abuses his tall wife? It's a little offensive.
    But a real knee s**....
  4. I know a joke about an abusive dwarf and his tall wife. A little offensive. But a real knee s**....
  5. Did you hear the one about the short person who tried to start a fight? It's a real knee knee-s**..., I tell ya!
  6. Another knee-s**... by my 8 year old brother. Which president likes doing laundry?
    George WASHING-A-TON.
    He's the 8 year old white Kevin Hart.
  7. Why did people laugh at the doctor who lost his reflex hammer? He was a real knee-s**....
  8. Wanna hear a joke about legs? It's a real knee s**....
    And that pun was only calf of the joke.

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Knee Slapper One Liners

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  1. What else can you call a knee-s**...? Some fun knee s**....
  2. What's a comedians favorite wrestling move??¿? The Knee s**...
  3. Did you hear about the fighting dwarf? He's funny. A real knee-s**....
  4. Heres a good knee s**... my life
  5. This ones a knee s**...
  6. Why does Santa have a garden? So he can h**...-h**...-h**...! ^^^^^That's_a_knee_slapper...

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The ad in the paper said, "You think you're funny? Tell us your best pun, and you'll win a $200 Amazon gift card!"

Well, I just couldn't resist. I sat down and wrote not one, but 10 of my best knee-slappers, rib-ticklers, and witty turns-of-phrase. I sent my list of comedy gold to the paper, and then began daydreaming about what I would do with $200.
The day on which the paper announced the contest winner finally arrived! I scanned, and then carefully read the full-page of submissions, but the truth stared me in the face. Of my submissions that should have won, no pun in ten did.

h**..., Stalin, and Napolean are complaining in the afterlife...

h**... whines "if I had Russian oil, I would have flattened Moscow."
Stalin replies "if I had the German Lufftwaffe, I would have taken over all of Europe."
Then Napolean says "if I had Russian and German p**... nobody would know I had lost."
Not a knee-s**..., but it's probably not a repost.

A high school English teacher is doing a lesson on how words modify to make new meanings.

The teacher explained: The word slap can be used as an action, a game, and a joke. You see, slap to the face is an action, slap jack is a card game, and a knee s**... is a joke.
But as you see, words need adjacent words to take on a new meaning. There is no word that can be an action, game and a joke just as it is.
A kid in the back of the room interrupted and asked, what about the word Trump?

Chemistry Puns

What do you do with a dying chemist? If you can't helium, you might as well barium. That joke was quite the knee-s**..., wasn't it. I certainly slapped my neon that one. It was just so-dium funny. Why do chemists like high altitudes? The views arsenic. If you're not laughing yet, don't worry. I'm only through with hafnium. Come on, I think ironed some laughter for that one. Where do chemists wash their dishes? In the zinc. I'm sorry if you didn't like that one. I'm no einsteinium. I would tell you another one, but I think they all argon.