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  1. Did you know everyone is born with 4 kidneys? As you grow up two of them turn into adult knees.
  2. TIL: Humans are born with four kidneys. When they grow up, two of them become adult knees.
  3. I only learned recently that children are born with four kidneys, and later on when they grow up..
    ..two of them turn into adult knees.
  4. How is God just like a regular man? If you're not on your knees, he's not interested and you know what they say, abstinence makes the Church grow fondlers.
  5. Why are black people so tall? Because their Knee Grows!
    (Told to me buy a black friend so dont be calling me a racist)
  6. Why are black men taller than white men? Because their knee grows.
  7. What do you call an african with long legs? Knee grow
  8. I recently hurt my knee and I decided to get surgery in Africa Where the knee grows
  9. How do NBA players get so tall? Because their knee grows
  10. What do you can an African-American that has growing pains in its leg? A knee-grow

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  1. Babies are born with 4 kidneys. When they grow up, 2 of them turn into adult knees.
  2. why are black people so tall? because their knee grows
  3. Did you know humans are born with four kidneys? Two of them grow into adult knees.
  4. Why do black men wear baggy trousers? Because their knee grows.
  5. What do you call a guy with a toe growing out of his knee? Tony.
  6. I had two kidneys growing up.. Now I've got two adult knees
  7. Why do Africans wear baggy pants? Because their knee grows.
  8. Today I Learned we are all born without kneecaps. I guess that makes us all knee grows!
  9. (Racist) Why do black men have bigger legs? Because their knee grows.
  10. What happens when a black person's leg tells a lie? His knee grows
  11. Why are basketball players so tall? Because their knee grows
  12. What did the black guy want after the cops broke his leg Knee Grow
  13. Why are most professonal atheletes african ? Their knee grows a lot
  14. Where do you go to fix a broken knee? To Africa. Where the Knee Grows.
  15. What you call a black guy with a lower body growth disorder? Knee-grow

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Walt Disney notices a sharp pain in his knee.

He starts rubbing it, icing it, elevating it on a pillow. But over the following days it only grows worse. He visits his doctor and reports this pain.
Which knee is hurting you, Walt?
The famous film producer points to his left knee.

What did the b**... knee say to the little black knee?

you have a lot of knee growing up to do

Why are African Americans called n**...?

Because their d**... grow to their knees.
n**...=knee grow