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  1. I used to work in a bakery, didn't really enjoy it and the pay wasn't great... I just kneaded the dough
    I'm sorry, I'll leave now...
  2. Making bread is very addictive First I was enjoying just mixing the ingredients. But after a while I kneaded it.
  3. I whispered to my kids, "Have you all heard about the top secret bakery?" They all looked at me blankly, so I replied, "I didn't think so, it's on a knead to dough basis."
  4. I'm the laziest baker ever, so I was actually happy when someone stole my sourdough. Whoever it was, I'm sure they knead it more than I did.
  5. Why does The Lord’s Prayer ask for our daily bread Because it’s something we knead.
  6. Why are rich people bad at running a bakery? Because they don't knead the dough
  7. I decided to start working at a bakery... I knead the dough.
  8. My girlfriend asked me why I work at the bakery if I don't enjoy it. I told her it's because I knead the dough.
  9. Did you know Liberty Mutual customizes your home bread making experience? You only pay for what you knead.
  10. Why are bakers so crazy for dough? They don't want it, they knead it.

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Knead One Liners

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  1. I used to work in a pizza shop It didn't pay much but I kneaded the dough.
  2. Why are pizza makers always poor? Because they knead dough to make a living.
  3. Why do bakers go into business? Because they knead the dough
  4. Why do bakers start working so early in the morning? Because they knead dough.
  5. Is the bakery hiring? Cause I think I'll knead a little bit of dough to get by.
  6. Being a baker is a great side-job... ...especially when I knead the dough.
  7. I got a job at a bakery Because I really kneaded the dough
  8. What did the baker say when he found his lost dough? That's exactly what I kneaded!
  9. Why did the baker rob the bank? Because he kneads the dough.
  10. What did the baker say after he found the dough he had lost? That's just what I kneaded!
  11. Why did I accept a job at a bakery? I kneaded the dough.
  12. Why does the baker bake? Because he kneads the dough.
  13. Why did the baker become a theif? Because he kneaded the dough
  14. I started working for a pizza company I don't enjoy it, I just knead the dough
  15. Why did the baker go to work? He kneaded the dough!

Knead Dough Jokes

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  • I have a super secret baking recipe for bread ...Unfortunately it's on a knead to dough basis
  • What did the pizza maker say before robbing a bank? "I may love making pizza, but I still knead the dough."
  • I got a new job at a bakery. I took the job because I kneaded the dough.
  • A father asked his son how baking school was going "I knead some dough."
  • I work at a bakery. Why? I knead the dough.
  • Why did the man quit his job at the bakery? He didn't knead any more dough.
  • I asked my local baker for her amazing bread recipe. She said it's on a knead to dough basis.
  • I took the job at a bakery because I kneaded dough..
  • What did the unused dough say to the baker? Why don't you knead me?
  • I got a job at a bakery today I kneaded the dough.
Knead joke, I got a job at a bakery today

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My local college has a scheme that lets student earn their tuition by working in the on campus bakery.

The opportunity isn't open to everyone. It's run on a strictly knead to know basis.

How do bakers share their professional secrets?

Purely on the knead to know basis.

What did the baker say to the baby lamb who stole his dough?

"Oh baby got what I knead!"

Make sure you always tip the people who make your pizza...

They knead the dough.

What did the hopeless romantic baker say to the dough?

You're my life's devotion. I knead you!

Why do bakers work so hard?

Because they knead the dough.

Why'd the baker resort to prostitution?

Because they knead the dough.

Why/How do bakers work?

They knead the dough.

What did the retires baker say to the Dough on the table?

I don't knead you anymore.

how does a bakery know when to make more bread?

on a knead the dough basis

Why do people choose to become bakers?

Because they knead the dough.

Bakeries are very dependent on money

They knead the dough.

I understand why bakers are addicted to baking bread.

Sometimes they just knead it.

Bakers have a weird way of trading bread recipes.

Its done on a knead to know basis. Gotta get the dough somehow

Why are bakers so secretive?

Because they work on a knead to know basis

Five years and she was leaving.

The dough was walking down the steps with her packed bag refusing to look back. The baker wanted to know what it was he had to say, but there were no words for him to find there. He reached a hand out at the air behind her and whispered, "Please, I knead you."

Did you hear about that bakery where they employ addicts and pay them with drugs? I think it's called...

Knead for Speed

People often ask me why I decided to become a baker.

It's because I knead the dough.

A baker once gave me the secret to dill flavoured bread

"You really gotta knead that dill dough"

Did you know that dough is necessary to have bread?

In other words: you knead dough to make bread

Is your b**... made of dough...

Cause I knead it

A worker in a bakery asked his boss for a raise.

When asked to provide a reason why, he replied, "I knead the dough."

A baker approaches a crime scene and asks the cop what happened...

"Sorry, that's on a knead to dough basis."

Girl, your b**... is like dough...

I knead it.

I have a top secret bread recipe

I'd tell you but, it's on a knead to dough basis

Did anyone hear about the new secret bakery?

It's on a knead to Dough basis

I bought a bread-maker but the sales assistant tried to talk me out of it

He said there was no knead

Why would no fruit wanna date the handsome wholegrain bread?

Because they are in constant knead of some dough.

Yesterday I was making some homemade pizza when my doctor called to inform me that I only had 24 hours to live, that's when I realized...

This is the last pizza ill ever knead

Buy our pizza

we knead the dough

Why do bakers get paid so much?

Because they knead the dough

Some people like bread, sure. I mean, who doesn't want bread? But some people, like it enough to make their own...

Those people, they knead bread.

Why do Bakers need a separate toilet?

For when they knead a p**...

Why won't Moses travel with Jews ever again?

Because they bring things that they don't knead

What did the baker say when he got to know his yeast were dying?

Don't go. I knead you

To make bread...

You knead dough

I got fired from my job at Domino's that I didn't really care about and didn't do any work at anyway

I told my boss that's okay I don't even knead the dough

Why are artisan bakeries so expensive?

Because the bakers knead the dough..

I asked my local baker the secret to making two loaves of bread at once...

He said "It's a knead two dough basis..."

A baker recently joined MI5…

… he was given confidential information on a knead the dough basis

A friend of mine knows I'm a baker and asked for a cake as a wedding present

I told him I can't do it for free I am sorry.
He asked why and I said
Sorry, I knead the dough...

Knead joke, A friend of mine knows I'm a baker and asked for a cake as a wedding present

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