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  1. For sale: Guitar
    £5 for the lot
    Genuine reason for sale
    No strings attached
  2. I caught my teenage son flying a kite during a thunderstorm, after I told him not to do it. So I immediately grounded him.
  3. Competitive kite flying was a lot of fun but I eventually had to quit. Too many strings attached.
  4. I walked up to a windmill and said, "What do you think of this, you spin really fast and I'll fly a kite from the wind you make?"
    "...I'm not a big fan."
  5. An 8 year old kid told me this joke. Why shouldn't you let Elsa hold on to your kite?
    Because she will let it go.
  6. — Did you ever stop to think that with all this money you spend on flying kites you could've bought a motorcycle already? — Oh yeah? Do you fly kites?
    — No!
    — So where's your motorcycle?
  7. What's the difference between The Kite Runner and The Maze Runner? I don't know, I haven't seen either.
  8. Why did the kite flyer rename his girlfriend "wind" ? Because he likes when the wind blows hard.
  9. Middle East So whaddya call 3 rockets, 4 mortars, 5 molotov cocktails and 6 incendiary kites lauched from Gaza into Israel?
    A cease fire!
  10. A gale walks up to a kite... and starts making fun of it, saying things like, "You call that flying? You stink!"
    The kite says, "Are you winding me up?"

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  1. Getting my kite stuck in a tree isn't my favorite thing... But it's up there.
  2. What did the plane say to the kite? "Do I look high?"
  3. I gave my Anorexic girlfriend a kite today... She was blown away.
  4. Why did Elsa lose her kite? She let it go.
  5. Yo mama is so old that the key on Ben Franklin's kite was to her apartment.
  6. Did you hear about the insomniacs who got into flying kites? They stayed up for ages
  7. Life is like a kite Sometimes you get zapped by lightning
  8. What did the isreali tell the Palestinian? Go fly a kite
  9. Why can't cars fly kites? Because of the windshield.
  10. I got a great deal on a Kite, no strings attached! It flew away.
  11. I asked the doctor if he had anything for strong wind. And he gave me a kite.
  12. I asked the doctor to give me something for wind So he gave me a kite
  13. I went to my doctor and asked for something for persistent wind. He gave me a kite.
  14. My daughter used to have a "Frozen" kite... But she let it go.
  15. What do you call a monster who flies a kite in a lightning storm? Benjamin Franklinstein

Kite joke, What do you call a monster who flies a kite in a lightning storm?

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Go fly a kite

A man is in his front yard attempting to fly a kite with his son. However, every time the kite gets up into the air, it comes crashing back down.
This goes on for awhile before his wife yells from the front door, "you need more tail!"
The father turns to his son and says, "I'll never understand your mother. Yesterday, I told her I needed more tail, and she told me to go fly a kite."

A guy was outside trying to fly a kite, but it had no tail on it, so it kept crashing to the ground..

His wife shouted from the window, "you need some tail. "
He said in reply, "honey, you need to make up your mind, last night when I tried to get some tail you told me to go fly a kite".


A man walks into a supermarket, asks the clerk where the Tampons are.
She told him Aisle 14.
He comes back a few minutes later with a big bag of large cotton b**......and some kite string.
Puzzled, the girl asks him if he wasn't the one asking for Tampons?
" it's a long story," he explains, "last night, the wife went to convenience store, and I asked her to get me a pak of cigarettes."
He continues, "she came back with a can of Prince Albert and some rolling papers, saying it was cheaper to roll my own....
Cause of death: COVID

I just can't understand women

A guy is outside in his front yard attempting to fly a kite with his son. Every time the kite gets up in the air, it comes crashing down.
After this goes on for a while, his wife sticks her head out the front door and yells, "You need more tail."
The guy turns to his son and says, "Son, I never will understand women. I just told her an hour ago I needed more tail, and she said to go fly a kite!"

Trying to fly a kite.

A husband in his backyard is trying to fly a kite.
He throws the kite up in the air, the wind catches it for a few seconds, then it comes crashing back down to earth.
He tries this a few more times with no success.
All the while, his wife is watching from the kitchen window, Muttering to herself how men need to be told how to do everything.
She opens the window and yells to her husband,
'You need a piece of tail.'
The man turns with a confused look on his face and says,
'Make up your mind. Last night, you told me to go fly a kite.'

A man is out in the yard flying a kite with his son

but the kite keeps nosing-over and crashing. After a while the upstairs window flies open and his wife yells out "You need more tail!"
,,,And he yells back "I told you that last night, and you told me to go fly a kite!"

Conversation with a wind turbine.

Wind turbine: *exists*
Man : "I'll hold up a big kite and you blow air at me until I lift off."
Wind Turbine: " ... "
Man : "What do you think of that idea?"
Wind turbine : "I'm not a huge fan"

Kite joke, What did the isreali tell the Palestinian?

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